Trusting Yourself to Love Again!

This weeks video is titled: Trusting Yourself to Love Again! Many people who have been badly hurt in a long term relationship tend to hold back from falling in love again.

They are so scarred from their last partnership that they feel it is better to be alone than to give their heart to someone else. They don’t trust anyone and they are fearful of having any emotional attachment again.

These lessons in life are not easy to deal with but there is always a reason something didn’t work out.

Don’t shortchange yourself from the happiness you deserve by putting up a protective wall that keeps people away from you. Why would you let your EX have that much power over you?

It’s not just your heart that is broken, your ego has taken a beating as well! “What’ wrong with me?” Why don’t they love me anymore?” “How could they leave me after all we have shared together?” “Have they met someone else?”

During a breakup, you go through a series of emotions: sadness, grief, and anger. This can bring on depression and insecurities like you have never experienced before which can cause an internal bitterness that you hold onto for a very long time.

But is this really a smart decision to make?

Are you lumping all men and all women into one untrustworthy category? Is that a fair assessment or are you jaded from the rejection you are dealing with?

Do you feel blindsided by who you thought was your soulmate and don’t have the closure you so desperately need? You keep asking yourself WTF happened?

Breakups are never easy but holding on to anger, resentment or feeling victimized will not benefit you or your future happiness. You have built up a repellent that warns all potential suitors to keep their distance.

It’s not difficult for others to see your suit of armor formed tightly around your unemotional exterior. You may not even be aware that your body language is clearly stating the words: stay away!

If this is taking over your life, you need to find some peace within you, where you are not obsessed with the breakup aftermath on a daily basis. Your Ex has moved on and while you may feel very stuck, it is for your betterment to do so as well.

Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for professional help to get you through the toughest few months. You deserve love, don’t let one situation control you for the rest of your life. You’re awesome and other people think you are too. Let them in and give them a chance. <3

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