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Should I leave My Ex’s Photos on my Social Media or Delete Them?

Should I leave My Ex’s Photos on my Social Media or Delete Them?

Erasing every memory you had with someone is not always the best way to handle things.

You should embrace the time you shared with a past love unless they were abusive in any way. Being a little reflective is a really good thing because it allows you to look back and see how far you have come.

These photos are a stepping stone to who you are today and rather than regretting things in your life, be grateful for the experience.

It is important to be selective with which photos you leave up on your social media, especially if you are in a new relationship. Anything intimate should be removed out of respect for the person who is now in your life.

Leaving a few photos of your past relationship up on social media where you attended memorable events and special milestones is totally acceptable. Your new partner knows you have a past and should be understanding that you would keep some of those pictures. (You also should be just as accepting of their past.)

Your Ex was a part of your life at one point and you shouldn’t have to pretend that they weren’t important to you to at one time. They were in your life for a reason.

Were you the one who ended the relationship?

Your Ex may not be over you and if you keep numerous pictures of the happy times you both shared as a couple, it will keep them holding on and hoping for a reconciliation.

Regardless of whether you are now in a new partnership or you are single, you should take down any romantic photos on your social media sites. It is respectful and essential for them to understand they were once important to you, but you have now moved on.

Don’t keep them hanging and wondering if you are still thinking about them. If they see that you have removed these intimate photos but have kept up a few group shots or birthday memories, it will make them feel that you at least cared about them to some degree.

The most difficult part of a breakup is questioning if your EX really ever loved you or cared for you at all.

Giving an Ex some closure and letting them know that they were special at one point, helps them to move on a little faster. Being kind goes a long way in life, no one ever wants to think that they weren’t important to someone they once loved.

Heartbreak scars can stay embedded for years when things are handled in a very disrespectful way. There is no reason to be cowardly or dismissive to an Ex. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Look back at those photos and smile in remembrance of that special time you shared with them. You had some great times!

Life isn’t meant to be easy and there are many lessons you are supposed to learn along the way. Your maturity and self-respect play a big part in how you will move on toward a healthier path.

Filling your thoughts with regrets will keep you stuck and repeating the wrong patterns. Appreciating the people you have loved along the way is a good thing and allows you to continue to grow to reach a higher place where you are meant to be.

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