How Do I Stop My Girlfriend From Being So Clingy?

It is difficult to find a compatible committed partner and when we do, we hold on tighter than we should in some cases. There are a lot of mixed messages going on and we don’t always know where we stand in our relationships.
This can bring out a neediness in some men and women which makes them cling possessively to their partners. This is never a good thing and can become very suffocating! We have all heard about the Stage 5 Clinger!

Dating Lessons Can Be a Good Thing!

Dating should be fun and adventurous. You always have the option to walk away when you don’t feel a connection. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortably forced or one-sided and you should have a good idea if there is a connection within the first date. If you don’t feel anything or you don’t have much in common with them, move on. Be true to your self and always have respectful boundaries.

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