One Important Thing That Makes a Really Great Relationship!

Thanks for visiting me here at Dear Sybersue! Today I want to discuss the topic: One Important Thing That Makes a Really Great Relationship!

We all think we know what we want in a partnership but are we allowing ourselves to be in some relationships for the wrong reasons? Some people look for someone to “complete them” but is that really the answer?

Doesn’t it make more sense to be comfortable and happy in your own life before you bring anyone else into the mix?

I believe one of the biggest problems with dating today is that many people are looking for someone to rescue them from what is missing in their world. They want someone to fill the void.

Men and women are lonely today due to the lack of personal face to face contact. We now live in an environment filled with social media interaction where texting has replaced talking on the phone and “hot selfie likes” are the only affirmation we may receive for days on end.

It doesn’t have to be this way and you can change that by being “the best you” and living to your highest good by expanding your life purpose. You’re not just somebodies partner, you are a person of substance that keeps evolving.

We are not put here on earth to just exist; we are here to make a difference.

Haven’t you noticed that when you are busy with projects & hobbies that you enjoy, you are happier and more positive? You don’t have time to dwell on drama or what’s not working because you are focusing on what gives you meaning and value!

This is the time when you are ready to meet someone! You don’t NEED a partner to make you feel whole but you WANT to share your life with them. Love is a very important part of life but we need to understand the true meaning of it.

Love finds you when you are happy with who you are. You are then ready to receive it into your heart. <3

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