My Boyfriend is Still on Social Media With the Girl he Cheated With!

My Boyfriend is Still on Social Media With the Girl he Cheated With! Why is he doing this?

This is a question from one of my YouTube subscribers named Erin. This isn’t a good situation for anyone to be in, but it happens more than you think. So many men and women do not have the proper boundaries in place when it comes to their partnerships.

If you are ready to forgive someone for something hurtful that they did to you, they should be doing everything possible to show you they are sorry and they are working on fixing things in your partnership.

He should feel some remorse for hurting you and prove to you that he is making a big effort to regain your trust.

Erin, why are you allowing your boyfriend to maintain a connection with the girl he cheated with? Were you not very assertive with what you required from him going forward? He seems to feel it is his right to stay in contact with this girl!

Your boyfriend does show any regret about cheating on you and he is keeping his options open by staying connected with this other woman. This is not OK. If you allow the men in your life to disregard your feelings and play on your self-worth, you will continue to attract these similar dating patterns.

It is totally acceptable to walk away from someone who doesn’t treat you well. Forgiving yourself is very important if you want to move on to be an even better version of yourself. Life lessons come with a lot of learning curves, but understanding their meaning and moving on quickly brings less drama to your life.

You are now aware of what isn’t acceptable and you will pay closer attention to the red flags early on in a new relationship.

This is a really good thing! Forgive yourself for not always making smart choices. The more we learn about ourselves the closer we get to being in the loving partnership we are meant to be in.

Everyone needs to have boundaries and self-love within their partnerships.

Please watch the video above and leave your comments below. Would you be able to forgive your partner for cheating on you?

Sybersue xo <3

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