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Is Jealousy Becoming a DealBreaker in Your Relationship?

I love this topic today: Is Jealousy Becoming a Deal Breaker in Your Relationship?

Are you or your partner feeling ill at ease with each other as far as the trust goes between you both? Has something shifted to make you feel insecure with how they really feel about you or how you feel about them? Are they flirting with other people more often or are they pulling back romantically from you?

Relationships go through many stages over the years and if you want it to remain in a stable and healthy place you HAVE to communicate your feelings.

Yes, even if you feel wimpy or embarrassed with what is going on in your head.

Don’t shut your partner out, always talk to them about everything. Most problems can be solved quickly if you open up to them before those small things become much bigger things! They can’t read your mind.

Life has many ups and downs and we don’t always feel happy with where we are emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. We change every 7 years and that can be a hard thing to deal with as it doesn’t just affect the replacement of cells in our bodies. It affects our life in all aspects!

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Jealousy is an insecurity that we feel within ourselves when we are dealing with personal changes we may not be happy with. We may not like our jobs, our health may be compromised or we don’t feel attractive due to weight gain or a big birthday approaching.

What are Some of the Jealous Emotions You May be Dealing With:

  1. Insecurity – You are not feeling worthy in you partnership due to where your life is at the time.
  2. Fear – You have feelings that your relationship isn’t going to last.
  3. Suspicious – The trust has changed in your partnership
  4. Resentment– They are dealing with their life much better than how you are handling your own. Things are happening for them and you feel unbalanced as a couple.
  5. Anger – This is a built up emotion in your relationship that is caused by ignoring the big picture. What has changed to make you feel jealous. You need to communicate this to your partner.
  6. Envy – Things just seem to fall into place for your partner while you feel left behind. They seem to attract everything they want towards them which makes you feel insecure.
  7. Reactive – You become very defensive towards them due to whatever is making you jealous of your partner. You lash out with sarcastic comments or criticism. You want to knock them down a little from their happy life pedestal.

Nothing good ever comes from being a jealous person except that maybe it is time for you to work on yourself to be a better person. Something is making you feel unsettled and when the green eyed monster rears it’s ugly head in your relationship, it is time to get to the bottom of  WHY??

Don’t let it ruin your relationship!

Have you had a jealous partner or dealt with your own jealousies? How did you get past it?  Please leave your comments below.

Thank you!

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