Great Texting Advice When Dating!

Great Texting Advice When Dating! There is a texting etiquette that should be adhered to when you are first interacting with someone new and someone you have never met in person!

If a text is cryptic or lacks imagination you should address this early on. Don’t waste time trying to decipher what someone is trying to say or NOT say in a text. It should be a clear message on both sides.

If someone is texting you for 2-3 months and you still haven’t met them, I strongly suggest that you move on. If they are really interested in dating you then they will want to see you right away and not prolong things for days on end.

There are plenty of catfishers out there who get a kick out of scamming people. Don’t be the last to know they are dangling that hook with no intention of having a relationship or even meeting up with you at all. They are using their best “seduction texting tools” to keep you interested! It gives them a certain power.

I am forever surprised how many women are OK with texting someone for a year and still haven’t even met the guy! The “I love you’s” are being thrown out there way too often and some men are even getting women to give them money!

Anyone can hide behind a text and write those romantic words that really grab your attention. Don’t fooled by a few sweet words. Con artists come in all shapes and sizes and are damn good at what they do!

The reason I urge you to meet someone early on when you first start texting is that it is much harder to hide things when you are connecting with them in person. Eyes are the window to someone’s soul and give away many secrets if you pay attention and know what to look for.

The old expression: “watch what they do and not what they say” is something to be aware of for both sexes. Be safe before anything else!

If you cannot meet someone in person right away, at least have a few phone chats before you do. A person’s voice can tell you quite a bit about their confidence and personality traits. Do they come across as a happy person, do they sound guarded, insecure or playful?

Regardless of whether you are communicating by a text or a phone call, having a sense of humor will keep people interested and coming back for more of you. Let go of serious conversations and show the fun side of who you really are.

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