Fading Manipulative People Out of Your Life

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! In today’s video I talk about: Fading Manipulative People Out of Your Life.

Manipulative behavior is not OK in any form! People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and it is important to understand when someone fits into your world and when they don’t. If you spend a lot of time feeling very anxious with certain people, you need to find a way to communicate your feelings to them or spend less time around them.

When you are in healthy relationships and friendships, you should walk away feeling great after spending time with them.

When you are giving your energy to the right people, you truly enjoy yourself and look forward to seeing them again. There isn’t any drama or toxic behavior. Even if you do have a disagreement, you both take the time to fix the problem by communicating your concerns and having a collective discussion on how to move forward. There is no blame or harsh attitudes because you care about each other and want to make things right.

You may have friends or family members that you only see occasionally at an annual event, a Birthday celebration, or a Christmas gathering, and that may be enough for you to maintain a friendship with them. It’s such a great feeling when you can just pick up where you left off the last time you saw each other, and everything flows smoothly. There is a reciprocated respect for one another and more great memories made each time you get together.

When you start feeling continually obligated to be around someone that you don’t feel a healthy connection with, is when you need to set up some stronger boundaries. You shouldn’t have to give energy to people that don’t make you feel good. I understand that isn’t easy to avoid when it comes to certain family members because there are so many expectations and obligations that go with spending time with your relatives. Sometimes family drama is the worst kind of toxic behavior, and you have little choice but to remove yourself from this harmful environment.

It is so important to walk away from someone who doesn’t treat you well due to their controlling or manipulative behavior.

Life is too short to keep giving time to the wrong people. You have so many other friends who deserve your love and attention and who know how to give back those reciprocated feelings. One-sided relationships of any sort are harmful to your self-esteem and keep your heart in a state of feeling broken over and over again.

If you are confused about where you fit into someone’s life, and you have tried talking to them about it without getting any answers, pull back a little. Change up the dynamics by being less available. You may have more clarity when you are not seeing this person as often. Do you miss them? Do they tell you they miss seeing you? If things quickly fizzle out between you both, then you will have your answer. A true friendship will not dissipate if there is a reciprocated bond and strong foundation.

What type of people should you be aware of?

  1. Passive-aggressive people who don’t say what they really feel or think but can act quite negatively on a regular basis.
  2. Gaslighters who turn every problem around to blame you. They don’t take any ownership for their own behavior.
  3. Self-absorbed individuals where everything is all about them and what is going on in their lives. They seldom ask anything about you or even seem to care or show any interest.
  4. People who are always late! This is selfish behavior because they disregard that your time is just as valuable as their time.
  5. Opportunists who constantly want something from you. They use you for your knowledge, your money, or anything you have that is missing in their own life.
  6. People who take you for granted. You may be very easygoing and very supportive to your partner or friends by always being there for them with everything. They start to expect it, and you are now in a lopsided scenario and not getting anything back from them.

You should always be aware of when any relationship that you allow in your life becomes unbalanced at your expense. If you are giving way more than you are receiving, or you are being treated disrespectfully in any way, you need to remove yourself from this unbalanced environment.

Your mental well-being is far more important than giving in to someone who constantly mistreats you. Furthermore, you deserve to be treated with love and kindness and there shouldn’t be any allowance for someone to manipulate or control you in any way. You should always respect yourself first if you want others to respect you as well.

Sometimes you have to teach people how to treat you.

  • Have boundaries with what you allow in your relationships
  • You are a great communicator and expect the same in return.
  • Being authentic to who you really are! There is no pretense.
  • You don’t tolerate bad behavior and walk away from people who try to control you.
  • You are not afraid to show vulnerability at certain times.
  • You are able to be emotionally available, and you are not guarded.
  • When something is bothering you, you talk about it right away. You don’t let things get out of hand. You expect the people in your life to be open and honest.
  • You own your mistakes and apologize for your actions.
  • You really listen to your partner and make them feel heard, and you appreciate the same treatment from them.
  • There is no judgment or harsh comments in your relationships.
  • You compliment your partner and friends on a regular basis.
  • You know how to say sorry.
Thanks for visiting Dear Sybersue today! Please watch the video above to see what type of people you should try to avoid giving energy to. Thank you!

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