Are You Walking Away Too Quickly From Your Relationships?

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Welcome to Dear Sybersue! Today’s topic is: Are You Walking Away Too Quickly From Your Relationships?

If you find that you are walking away from many of your relationships after only a few months, and you are wondering why this keeps happening, there is probably an emotional fear that is holding you back. You may not be aware that this is the reason keeping you from having the partnership you desire.

We all have some difficult things to deal with in our lives, and for the most part, we learn how to deal with those obstacles and find ways to make things work in our careers and in our friendships. Unfortunately, the same can’t always be said about our romantic relationships.

Men and women today seem to have less tolerance in the love arena than anywhere else!

Some people expect perfection from their partners and don’t seem to have the same patience in relationships as they do in other areas of their lives. This is a mistake that needs to be rectified if you want to have a healthy and committed partnership. We all have a few flaws, but this is often ignored within ourselves, and we walk away from a new partnership because our checklist expectations are way too high. We end up finding an excuse to leave rather than working as a team with our partners.

Rather than openly communicating with one another, some people just remove themselves from the relationship because of a few minor problems. They don’t have the desire to fix the little things that can quickly be resolved. This relationship sabotage can become a continuous ritual with some people, leaving an emptiness that ends up being very destructive over time.

This behavior does not benefit anyone and causes so much heartbreak and confusion in the aftermath. It can really harm someone’s self-esteem in the process because they really don’t understand why their partner left without giving the relationship a fair try. One little thing happens, and they run out the door without making the effort to explain their reason for leaving.

Some people stay emotionally unavailable to protect their hearts.

It is not uncommon for people to be afraid to show any vulnerability because they are fearful to have a deep connection with anyone. The big problem is that most of us want love in our lives, but often don’t believe we deserve it or know how to let it in. This can happen when we don’t deal with things from a past relationship, or it can be due to watching our own parents negatively interact within their partnership.

Our childhood shapes us in so many ways, and it is not always a happy place to come from. It can produce scars that alter our trust with others who enter our lives. The formative years of our lives are very important and are the foundation of who we are at the core. It can make or break our spirit as we wander through the learning curves of our life. If you weren’t shown love as a child, it can be very difficult to know what it is as an adult.

You can become brainwashed with certain beliefs from a young age or from a painful experience that carries over to your adult life.

Some of these beliefs are unhealthy, which can cause you to make the wrong choices in your life and keep you emotionally closed off and unavailable. You may be afraid of showing any vulnerability, so you stay rigid and turn away when things start to become too close with someone. It is a protective shield that tarnishes your chances of finding love because you just don’t trust yourself enough to allow emotional feelings into your life. You may even view it as a weakness.

Men and women are constantly learning how to be around each other. There seems to be some generalized anger that keeps surfacing about how we treat one another. I find this to be a repetitive discussion in the comment section on my YouTube channel. This is inhibiting many people from finding love because of the blame they feel toward the opposite sex. This usually stems from a painful breakup in the past and then lumping every future love interest into the same negative category.

To get past this type of thinking, you will have to alter your mindset to have a more positive outlook.

This can’t always be done without getting some professional help to remove old thought patterns that you’ve been playing over and over again inside your head. It is so much easier to blame others than to deal with the actual pain and fear that you are continually trying to bury. At least that’s what you may subconsciously think.

Understanding and owning that you need to get to the bottom of this relationship problem is half the battle. Staying in denial and not taking some responsibility for your life choices is not going to bring you the love you deserve to have. It takes two people to maintain a partnership, and you both need to put in the work to keep things in a loving place.

Running away every time because you’re scared or things aren’t perfect, is definitely not the answer because the same issues will keep resurfacing in every relationship you enter into. You’re here reading this post because you know this pattern is keeping you stuck and is not letting you live your best life. It’s time to change up what’s not working because you deserve to be in a loving partnership, we all do.

*Please watch the video above to see what else you can do that can help you to communicate on a much better level with your partner.

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