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5 Intimacy Tips to Help Keep Your Relationship Strong

Today at Dear Sybersue I discuss: 5 Intimacy Tips to Help Keep Your Relationship Strong.

I love this topic because I think it is so important to be closely connected to your partner throughout your years together. So many couples let the intimacy slide and take it for granted that their partner will always be there. This is not only sad, but it is a big mistake.

We all want to feel that our partner is attracted to us in an intimate and loving way. Intimacy doesn’t always refer to intercourse, and not everyone can have sex in this way due to medical situations or other personal reasons. That certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t want to feel intimate with each other. It is important to stay connected as a couple, regardless of what you both may be going through at different times within your relationship.

Intimacy is an emotional connection that allows a couple to be vulnerable and open with one another. Having sex with someone doesn’t always mean having that emotional connection. (One-night stands or friends with benefits are good examples of this!) But, when you do have an intimate connection with your partner is when the sex becomes amazing.

Here are 5 Intimacy Tips to Help Keep your Relationship Strong and Healthy

#1 – Be Romantic with each other

Romance needs to be nurtured by both of you. Don’t let it take a back seat to everything else. You and your partner should look forward to coming home to each other because you are happy together. Taking the time to prioritize each other and doing those small gestures that continually show love towards each other is the glue to a successful partnership.

Romance doesn’t have to be over the top, and it’s not difficult to make your partner feel special. If you really listen to what they say on a daily basis, you will know what things you can do to enhance your relationship even more. It could be as simple as bringing home your partner’s favorite wine and lighting a few candles in the room. Or you could buy a romantic card that tells them how you feel without having a special occasion to do so.

#2 – Face to Face Conversations

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Take the time to sit down and really talk to each other. Open up and share your thoughts, no matter how big or small. Have fun and laugh together! Hold hands when you are out for a walk or while sitting at your favorite café.

Looking into each other’s eyes is very intimate, but you would be surprised how often couples do not do this simple thing, It allows you both to have undivided attention which also shows you both respect each other and care what each other has to say.

#3 – Bring out your sexy

Take pride in your appearance and always make a little effort to look good for yourself and each other! Please don’t become complacent walking around in baggy sweatpants every day. Seriously, it only takes 5-10 minutes to do a little coiffing. You wouldn’t do that if you were just meeting your partner for the first time and going on a date, so continue to be the best version of yourself regardless of how long you have been in your relationship.

Don’t you want to stay attracted to your partner? Don’t you want them to be attracted to you? You both have to care about keeping the sex appeal alive, and it’s not that difficult to achieve if you want to maintain the sensual and intimate side of your partnership.

Compliment each other and notice new things about them. Buy sexy items that you like for yourself or that you would enjoy seeing your partner wear. If there is something you really enjoy doing romantically, tell your partner. Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Take turns initiating fun date nights and add some creative energy to the mix.

If you don’t want to live in a routine or mundane partnership, spice things up! Change your look, the venue, and the environment on a regular basis. Boredom is a big relationship killer, so don’t be the couple that falls into this trap.

#4 – Kiss Passionately

This is the one thing that many couples omit from their relationship as the years go by. Kissing hello and goodbye on the cheek is not enough! We do that with our friends and family, so it is not an intimate act. Remember back to those first few months when you first met and how much passionate kissing you did? That not only got you aroused and into the bedroom, but it also kept you intimately close and wanting to see each other again.

Why do we stop doing those wonderful things as we continue along in our partnerships? If you kissed passionately at least once a day for the next year, I know that you could rekindle your love to a much higher level.

Touching is super important as well.

Cuddle together when you’re watching TV. Sitting across the room in separate recliners is not keeping you close. It is a complete disconnect as you are only focusing on the TV and not each other. Before you go to sleep at night or wake up in the morning, take a few extra minutes to hug each other and lay in each other’s arms. This reaffirms that you are still a loving couple who knows how to prioritize their relationship. It is a great way to start and end the day.

Reminisce about experiences you have shared that made you both happy. Make plans to emulate similar moments or outings that you can enjoy as a couple. When you have events scheduled, it keeps the energy alive between you both because you have things to look forward to. A couple who plays together, stays together.

#5 – Send Sexy Texts, notes or voice messages to each other

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Leave sexy notes for each other around the house before you go to work or leave the house for the day. Do or say something romantic to each other every day. Texting doesn’t have to be dull and can be spiced up with sexy thoughts and playfully suggestive messages. It can also act as foreplay before you both get home and can be together again.

It is so important to take the time to remember why you both fell in love and focus on those reasons. Life can take over sometimes, and before you know it, your relationship is now at the bottom of your priority list. It doesn’t work well when this transpires, and it’s not unusual for the love to eventually fizzle out.

These 5 tips are only a few of the things you can do to nurture your partnership, but implementing them into your partnership will definitely put the needed spring back into your love life.

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