15 minute Makeover for a Last Minute Date or Event Invite

Today I do something a little bit different in this video. I have had many women writing to my Dear Sybersue advice column recently about not knowing what to do when a last minute date invitation comes their way. They usually just say no!

“I can’t go, I  can’t get ready that fast!” “I have nothing to wear!” “What about my hair and makeup?” ” I’ll never to be able to pull it off!”

The trouble with this type of thinking is that you miss out on so many things! People who are spontaneous have a much more diverse and fun filled life because they aren’t making high maintenance excuses why they can’t go to a last minute invite.

They are organized and prepared for anything that comes their way!

Why would you want to miss out on something wonderful if you don’t have to? Especially if you are single! It’s not that difficult to look great in less than 15 minutes despite what you may think. You shouldn’t need 2-3 hours to get ready for anything unless you are walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes or Academy Awards!

Ladies watch this video above to learn how to be that fun spontaneous person so that you don’t say no to some amazing opportunities! Always be ready to go!

Please leave your tips and comments below to help out other women who may need some other “get ready quick” ideas.

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