How Do I Get My Partner to “Have My Back” in Our Relationship?

How Do I Get My Partner to “Have My Back” in Our Relationship?

In today’s weekly video above Dear Sybersue discusses: How Do I Get My Partner to Have My Back in Our Relationship?

This is a popular question but why is this even an issue? Why doesn’t your partner defend you? Shouldn’t you always be there for each other when you are confronted or verbally/physically attacked by someone?

I don’t know about you but when someone berates or slanders a person I love, I am like mama bear protecting her cubs! I am all over that sh*t with bear claws a-blazin!

It is a natural reaction to stand up for someone you are in a committed partnership with…isn’t it?

Well maybe not if your partner is insecure or jealous of you. Or, maybe they don’t want to deal with any confrontation! “It will just go away if I don’t draw more attention to it, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see or hear anything. They can handle it.” 

The best way to deal with this situation is to acknowledge your partner’s non-actions at the time it happens.

Don’t let it build up so that it gets worse over time. You’re in a partnership for a reason, you shouldn’t have to constantly handle everything on your own. It’s not easy to always have to stand up for yourself and when someone has your back you feel validated and honored by their love.

It is important to get to the bottom of why they aren’t there for you because eventually it could be the demise of your relationship! Do you want to stay with someone who doesn’t respect you enough to support you, listen to your concerns and stand up for you when the need arises?

Once you have this discussion with them things should change for the better. They may have thought you could handle it yourself and that you would be offended if they interfered; but even strong independent women need to feel safe and know that there partner is there for them.

Always respect each other in every way.

Please leave your comments below so we can help others deal with this scenario in their relationships. 

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#TBT Relationships: 10 Things Men Wish Women Wouldn’t Do

Talk Show Co-Host Steve discusses the 10 things men wish women wouldn’t do!

Some relationships can become mundane or repetitive and men complain that they can lose interest in their partner because of it. (The same goes for women too but this video is all about a man’s opinion. Susan has her turn later. 🙂 )

Both sexes need to be aware of the little things they do that can annoy their partner over time. Understanding and appreciating the gender characteristics can make a big difference in the dynamics of a long term relationship.

Men and women are not the same and once we learn how to give up trying to change each other and respect each others qualities, is when we will be very happy in our partnerships. ❤

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Sex in the Work Place!

Sex in the Work Place!

Why is there still so much sex going on in the office? Is it due to the temptation of that sexy piece of forbidden fruit you see everyday when you are at work?

Gone are the days of the 25 year careers and today it is even more important to act professionally than ever before. Competition is fierce out in the work place so why would you want to jeopardize it for a sexual fling in the stock room or at the company Christmas party?

Dating a colleague that you met at work can be acceptable if there are no rules against it at your place of employment but having a casual sexual affair is never a good idea! More often than not both people involved in an “office liaison” are married, or at least one of them is!

You both think you are being so discreet when most of the office is totally aware of your activities! Body language is easy to read when there is lust involved!!

  • Are you doing this because things at home are not going well?
  • Are you looking for a promotion?
  • Another notch on the bedpost?
  • You like the excitement of trying not to get caught.
  • Or is your self esteem tarnished and any attention is good attention?

These lustful scenarios usually end up as a one sided love affair with one person becoming very involved and you need to pay close attention to where this rendezvous situation is headed!

Make sure you are willing to sacrifice a lot of things in your life if you choose to walk down this path because 9 times out of 10 it usually doesn’t end well.

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How Do I Fix my Relationship Before it’s Over For Good?

In the Video Above Dear Sybersue discusses some of her viewers questions regarding how to repair a broken relationship before it’s too late! Is it worth fixing? Are you making an effort in your partnership or is compromising out of the question?

It’s difficult to maintain a happy relationship over the years and many people would rather walk away than put in a little effort to save it. The grass is not always greener on the other side but we think it is!

Your job isn’t always smooth sailing but you keep persevering to make it better; the same approach should be taken in your partnership at home. There will always be little things that annoy you about them; but understanding what is worth fighting for should be recognized before you sabotage a healthy committed relationship.

What are some of the things you have done to save your relationship?

Please leave your comment below. ❤

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A “Shout Out” to YouTube’s Matthew Hussey at gettheguyteam!

There are many times in life where we meet someone who inspires us but how often do we tell them they have made an impact in our world?  We need to appreciate each other and not give into envy, jealousy or frustration because someone is doing well in life.  They should be viewed as a mentor and held in high regard because most of them have worked very hard to get where they are.  Learn from them and be happy for their accomplishments because just maybe a little of their happiness will rub off on you.  Positive light, attracts positive light back! ❤

Dating Relationship Lifestyle Talk Show Host Susan McCord gives a “shout Out” to Mathew Hussey!  His YouTube Channel “gettheguyteam” has 208,292 subscribers and 31,437,891 views! Matthew is is a speaker, New York Times Bestselling author of the book GetTheGuy, and founder of one of the largest dating advice websites in the world  You Rock Matthew!! ❤

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Dear Sybersue ~ Should I Leave my Long Term Relationship to go to School in Another City?

Dear Sybersue Talk Show host Susan McCord answers Maria’s question if she should leave her boyfriend of 3 years to go to to school in another city. She has broken up with him 5 times but keeps going back.

What should she do?

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