Is It All About Them? Rude People are so Annoying!

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I am usually a positive person and not too quick to judge people. I try to give others the benefit of the doubt when things don’t go as smoothly as I might like with certain human interactions. Today is a day when I need to vent and I apologize for not being my usual perky, happy self.  Sometimes we just need to talk about things in an assertive way when they bug us.

Rant begins…

There one thing that really pisses me off is people who think they are the only thing that matters and that their time is more important than anyone else’s. These are the ones that cancel on you last minute without giving you a reason why. You just receive a matter of fact text “sorry can’t make it.” Or if they do give you an excuse as to why the bailed on you, it is pretty lame for the most part. They just chose another option that worked better for them.

What has happened to us?

Why are there so many people like this in the world today? When did we become so “me” orientated? Where is the kindness and compassion for others who we come in contact with throughout our daily routine?

I am blown away to be honest. I try to stay optimistic and not let it affect me but sometimes I just want to smack some of these people and shake them out of their self absorbed thinking, (especially when it effects people I love!) There is a reason that many businesses charge for last minute cancellations! This is also why airlines “over sell” their flights today. There are so many no-shows.

Unfortunately rudeness is an everyday occurrence that we all have to deal with but are you aware of your own actions?

Do you do any of these things?

  • Talk loudly on your phone at the gym near people who are trying to work out? Do you throw your heavy weights with force onto the floor?
  • Do you impatiently walk so closely on people’s heals so that they can feel your breath in their ears?
  • Do you walk through a door without looking behind you?
  • Are you always calling in sick to your job forcing your colleagues to have to work harder to make up for your absence?
  • Do you double up your plans on the calendar and then choose the best option when the day comes?
  • Are you a line crasher?
  • Are you a taker or opportunist? Do you appreciate people’s time they have given to help you and do you reciprocate in some way?
  • Do you drive aggressively barging your way in front of another car and then turn left on them a minute later? Do you allow other cars to merge in or pretend you don’t see their signal light?
  • Are you always on your phone when you are out for an evening with friends?

I am sad to say that I even see a “sense of entitlement” at the yoga studio I go to regularly; with the people who noisily come in late when the class has already started, making everyone move for them or standing right in front of someone so they can’t see to use the mirror to correct their form. It’s all about them; they don’t even look behind them to see who it might be affecting.

So much for a Zen atmosphere…sigh.

Men and women constantly complain about not being able to meet someone to date. Is this really a surprise when we hardly look up to exchange a smile with someone in our vicinity? Is it a wonder that many people are lonely and spending their weekends with their Netflix partner instead of a romantic partner?

We are all becoming so technology dependent that we are isolating ourselves further and further into an introverted existence.

It’s not too late to change some of this bad behavior and if everyone made a little effort being kind to one another and respecting each others time and space; we could actually start talking “face to face” once again like our grandparents did in the old days.

Be nice to others every day and do not become one of those people I mentioned above that are self absorbed and only think about what is good for them. It is very rewarding to be nice to people and see a smile light up on their faces.

Be aware of who you are and how you come across. If you want fullness in your life you will only achieve it by giving back just as much as you receive.

It’s never too late to be a better person. ❤

Rant over…

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show 


Human Etiquette ~ People Canceling Last minute!

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord also known Advice Columnist Dear Sybersue, answers Ryan’s Question on why some people have no respect for his time.

Dear Sybersue,

I need help with this one as it is really driving me crazy!  I am a 30 year old guy who is so tired of people bailing on me last minute because they have something else that just “suddenly” came up!  Sometimes they just don’t show up or they send me a last minute text when I am already on the road to meet them!

What has happened to basic human etiquette? I am very frustrated!

Ryan 🙂

Susan McCord @

Lifestyle Advice – Ban the Four Letter Word “Ugly”!

Everyone is beautiful

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This article may become a bit of a rant but I just can’t ignore talking about this anymore. What gives anyone the right to call someone “Ugly?” This four letter word is the worst one of the bunch and should be considered the curse word of all time!

People who use this word regularly in their comments to describe someone on social media should be banned from those sites!

No one is ugly and everyone has a God given beauty at birth. While I am not a religious person, I do believe that our existence here on earth comes from a higher source and is given to us for a reason. It is what we do with this precious gift during our lifetime that shows the true definition of our beauty. That goes for every single person born in this world. It is not about external beauty and never has been!

There is only one place where the word “Ugly” has even the slightest validity and that is when we talk about War and Egotistical Power.

Why are some people so mean to each other while others are kind-hearted and peaceful?

It is all about choice and it is up to us how we acknowledge and accept life’s hand-outs and how we move forward. When some people are hurting they lash out at others. They don’t want to be alone in their misery but unfortunately this repetitive anger just brings “more of the same” rebounding back towards them rather than learning the lesson they were supposed to.

There are some people who write to my advice column who have relationship problems, that are practicing this type of behavior. They don’t see it (or pretend not to) and really don’t want to hear me point out the obvious problems. Eventually though, they do start to understand their part in it and try to rectify the underlying issues.

Other people in life just want to vent and play the victim but are not willing to do anything to change this negative lifestyle. The people who want to figure it out, and change up their dating and relationship patterns; are the ones who go on to find a healthy love in their lives.

Using words like ugly to discuss another human being just makes the person using the word stand out and disqualifies anything else they may have to say. But saying that, it doesn’t mean the recipient doesn’t feel the sting of the comment. It is a word that is said on the playground in our childhood years that stays ingrained in our memory forever. It is the word that plays on our self esteem like a nagging ache and it is a word that hits below the belt like no other.

I truly believe everyone is beautiful and I always have. My son was taught at a very early age there was no place for the word “ugly” in our home. People with disabilities or disfigurements are just as beautiful as someone who is able bodied and considered attractive. Every one of us has something to offer to the world and to other people who cross our path. Don’t be judgmental of someone because they have more or less than you, or because you think it is funny to belittle someone who “you think” is unappealing. To the people out there calling someone ugly, do you know what the biggest issue is that really needs addressing? Go point your finger at a mirror and see what the reflection shows…that is the problem.

Ugly is not a good word and needs to be banned.

Susan McCord @

Reality Check~ Employment Changes for Baby Boomers & New Graduates!

I am having a very hard time understanding why numerous businesses today are downsizing their employee roster by removing their most experienced & qualified people. Many of these employees made the company what it is today & are the bread & butter foundation of that establishment!

How are they thanked? By basically exterminating their position, demoting them to a lower salary or blindsiding them with a pink slip with no discussion or forewarning! What is happening to us as people these days? Have we forgotten how to treat each other & to show respect when someone has helped make our business a success? Has it become all about the money & saving a few bucks?

Is it worth it in the long run to lose the loyalty that these valued employees offer?

Most of these people who are targeted, are the baby boomers or the 50 plus crowd. Regardless of your age right now you might want to pay attention to what is happening here. In the future there will be no such thing as a “career” because companies will get rid of anyone who is at their top earning potential ~ usually around the 5 to 7 year mark. Benefits will be a thing of the past & in many cases already are. Part time positions are replacing full time jobs which do not include any type of amenity. The worst part is retirement age is moving towards 70 but there are limited jobs available for that age group! Even our Prime Minister is trying to change the Old Age Security payout to age 67!

The baby boomers are the ones with the money for the most part so why are businesses not understanding who they are selling to? Why are the producers of commercials the only ones getting this??

What happened to the most qualified person getting the job? Everyone deserves a chance to be hired & age should have nothing to do with it. I know numerous young people with business degrees that cannot get a job because companies do not want to pay out big salaries anymore. (but many require a degree to get in the front door??) Everyone wants everything for nothing! Just check out Craigslist once in awhile & you will see what I mean.

We all know someone who this has affected and it is devastating watching so many people go through the job market (or lack of it) today. The companies that will continue to be successful are the ones who understand this changing scenario. Every age group offers exciting ideas to a business & the company that “gets that” will be the one that withstands longevity in the competitive business market of the future. Cheers to the companies who are on the right path!

Susan McCord

Just a Quick Rant On Criagslist Posts!

I have held off for a long time writing this article because I thought I was the only one it bothered, but lately there has been a number of people angry about this and are posting retaliating comments to certain Craigslist Postings! It’s about time is all I can say.

I am a regular user of Craigslist for Job Search & networking opportunities. I have placed my own ads and have answered many other people’s Ads. I always answer respectfully and give them the information they are looking for and I always offer reasonable compensation!

Here is what I have noticed with many CL Postings:

• Many Ads have a huge 2 page checklist of what the perfect candidate should qualify for & all for $8 per hour!
• Their spell check obviously doesn’t work but you had better have a College Degree for the minimum wage offered.
• Parents who want a “live in” Nanny to look after their precious child while charging rent for their accommodation, all this for $8 per hour *must supply their own car
• Written articles wanted: 1000 word minimum Compensation: $2 each/ must write minimum 3 per day!
• Internships for numerous businesses (Which means temporary free work with no job at the end) (Internship used to mean a guaranteed job at the end of the term)
• Numerous websites looking for Bloggers ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Ads that want a person 5 days per week noon-2PM for 2 hours per day for $10 an hour (now that’s worth the travel time and in the middle of the day too!)
• Ads wanting people to look after their pets in “your” home for $35 a week
• Researchers Wanted ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Background Actors For Music Videos/YouTube 2-3 day shoot ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Talent Agency Internship 6 months/ No Pay & No job at the end (But you had better make them look good so they can make the big bucks)

I could go on & on but I just wanted to vent about what I see on a daily basis. I am happy that Canadian Premier Clark made a change to minimum wage recently or these types of Ads will continue to be posted.

If you have a child, business, home, pet or website that needs assistance, respect their value to you and don’t cheap out on the hired help.

You really do get what you pay for and is it worth it in the end to have to re-post these Ads every 2 weeks because no one stays in the job?? We live in one of the most expensive places in the world & we are taxed to death in Vancouver. Expecting someone to help you succeed in your business should be valued a lot higher than no compensation or $8 an hour!

Good karma brings good karma, remember that.

Susan McCord