Is Your Online Dating Profile Turning People Off?

Would you like to have a relationship but never seem to find the right person on any dating site that you have a connection with?

Online dating can be really frustrating and take a toll on your self esteem! It might be time to tweak your profile description & your photo selection to show who you really are; not someone you think they want!

No one wants a fake person and how long can you play that game for after they meet you in person? Stop the BS and be genuine! Do you want to meet someone who is phoney and embellishing who they are? I don’t think you do…so don’t be that person then.

Attracting love in your life starts with being true to who you are.

If you are playing a different persona you will also attract that towards you. If you want a partnership that has substance and longevity, being authentic with who you are is extremely important.

You are not looking for an opposite love interest, you are looking for unconditional compatibility in a committed relationship, right?

So then it is imperative to be honest and sincere if you want the same thing in return. It’s never too late to change up dating patterns that aren’t working and it’s never too late to have love in your life.

Change your attitude, change your thinking and allow your heart to be truthfully open. You are fabulous just the way you are!  ❤

What have you experienced with online dating? Has it worked for you?

Please leave your comments below to help others have a better dating experience.

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How Do I Fix my Relationship Before it’s Over For Good?

In the Video Above Dear Sybersue discusses some of her viewers questions regarding how to repair a broken relationship before it’s too late! Is it worth fixing? Are you making an effort in your partnership or is compromising out of the question?

It’s difficult to maintain a happy relationship over the years and many people would rather walk away than put in a little effort to save it. The grass is not always greener on the other side but we think it is!

Your job isn’t always smooth sailing but you keep persevering to make it better; the same approach should be taken in your partnership at home. There will always be little things that annoy you about them; but understanding what is worth fighting for should be recognized before you sabotage a healthy committed relationship.

What are some of the things you have done to save your relationship?

Please leave your comment below. ❤

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Advice for Men & Women: Don’t be the Last to Know Your Relationship in in Trouble!!

Advice for Men & Women: Don’t be the Last to Know Your Relationship in in Trouble!!

heart of loveHow Do You Know if Your Relationship is in Trouble?

What are the signs?

• The most obvious sign is a change in your sex life. There is a lack of sex or very little romance. They may even make excuses to go to bed at a different time.
• You can walk around naked & they hardly notice.
• When you do have sex it is more of a 2 minute happy ending scenario with little or no foreplay.
• Kissing is almost nil or just a polite peck on the cheek.
• The spark is no longer in their eyes…You don’t want each other lustfully across the room anymore.
• The communication is lacking; they are not listening or paying attention to the small details the way they used to. It has taken on almost a clinical feel when they talk to you
• Their workload has increased or their sports/hobby has all of a sudden become more demanding (so hey say) & you are spending much less time together.
• They start to pull back from your family and close friends.
• Their appearance has changed! (Usually for the better.)

Paying attention to your relationship and the subtle changes will keep you on top of what might need addressing before it is too late to fix it. Many couples breakup due to the smallest details that eventually became huge problems they couldn’t overcome. I have talked to a great number of men and women about how they felt completely blindsided when their partner left them; because they saw no signs at all!

There are always signs!

One of the worst things you can do is become lazy in your relationship. Assuming everything is fine or being complacent about sex or communication is a sure way to the demise of your relationship. Boredom is one of the key reasons people walk away from anything in life, but throw in a partner who just doesn’t seem to care or takes you for granted on top of it and you have the ingredients for another failed relationship. If you slacked off at work and became an apathetic employee you would be fired because you are not respecting your job or your environment. This is the same thing in a romantic partnership ~ it needs to be nurtured!

How do we do that?

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Why do I Keep Attracting the Wrong People & How do I Change this Dating Pattern?

Dear Sybersue is a Funny & Informative Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord discusses The question: Why do I keep Attracting The Wrong People and How do I Change this Dating pattern?

How often do you hear people say how frustrated they are with trying to meet someone and that they have basically given up on the whole dating thing? It takes two people to be in a relationship and two people to make it work. This means that each person is responsible for “their part” in the whole process in the building of a future partnership.

It’s not always the other person’s fault when a relationship fizzles or has trouble getting past the first few dates; but most of us like to think it is, so we don’t have to take any ownership of another failed scenario. Some people really do not see or understand that they are in a repetitive pattern going around and round in circles. They just keep getting annoyed that things never work out for them in the love department. They start to make excuses about why things aren’t working and even become jaded in some cases. There are a lot of sad, hurt and lonely single men and women that could fix this situation if they just took the time to think about how they may be contributing to this problem.

Watch this video to see how to get the Love you want in your life!

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Relationship Advice: Opposites Attract but Can They Stay Together?

Dear Sybersue is a Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages! Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord & Her Guest Co-hosts Make you Think! There is something for everyone on this blog regardless of whether you are single, dating, in a new relationship or have been married for 25 years!

Today’s discussion “Opposites Attract but Can They Stay Together?” is a question Sybersue deals with often on her advice column.  Many of the questions are related to compatibility issues within relationships. A great number of people overlook things when they first start out with someone new and disregard small red flags that ultimately become big problems in their partnership. Understanding what is important and respecting each other’s time will help the love to continue to blossom long term.  When one person becomes selfish making it all about their needs and time schedule it is no longer a reciprocated relationship and disconnection comes into play. This is why so many couples grow apart over the years.

Having some different hobbies or life passions is a good thing but when it is continually one sided in a relationship, resentment will often be felt by the person left behind. Commonalities are a good thing and important to have in a healthy commitment. It should never be only about one person making all the compromises or decisions.

Watch the video above to see what Sybersue has to say about it.

Dear Sybersue ~ Should I Leave my Long Term Relationship to go to School in Another City?

Dear Sybersue Talk Show host Susan McCord answers Maria’s question if she should leave her boyfriend of 3 years to go to to school in another city. She has broken up with him 5 times but keeps going back.

What should she do?

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Long Distance Romance ~ Is Your Relationship Geographically Challenged?

airplane travel

This topic is for all of you long-distance romancers out there!  

In the past, this type of dating was not practiced much due to travel issues and regimented lifestyles.  Since then, The Millennium has opened the technology doors and communication levels that have made long distance romance feasible.  So much so, that many couples have found each other in other cities or even different Countries and are making their situation work!  Business travel & Online Dating sites have probably been the main reasons for this.   Innovative travel sources have lessened the stress in long distance relationships & many businesses are taking advantage of this as well.  Companies everywhere are merging and expanding globally.

Why would we want to make our love lives so complicated?

I personally have had a few relationships overseas but I wasn’t looking for a long term commitment at that time.  Unfortunately this can be a big problem with some long distance relationships because often one person is more dedicated and attached than the other.  This can happen even if it originally starts out as a reciprocated “friends with benefits” scenario!”  Some people look for these long distance situations so they don’t have to commit and because it is SAFE!  (or at least they think it is!)

Is it not difficult enough just dating in your own city close to home?  Do some people look for these long distance situations so they have an excuse not to commit?  Are they living the best of both worlds with a double life so to speak?  “It is a small world after all,” and it is getting smaller by the minute.

We are so much more connected than ever before and watching the news is like being in someone’s backyard experiencing it as if we were there.   But I do use the word “connected” lightly in the relationship sense.  The smaller our world becomes many people are isolating themselves behind their technology devices which contradicts what it is really suppose to do.  Unfortunately this makes meeting that special someone even harder than before.  This is one of the reasons long distance relationships are happening more often now.  People are expanding their playground to have more options.

Sometimes fate just steps into your path regardless of where you are in the world and your meeting is no coincidence.  If you have ever read the Celestine Prophecy you will know what I am referring to. (Every path you are on, you are there by choice.)  In other words, falling in love with Jason or Cindy on a vacation to London or Hong Kong was not an accident.  You were put on that path for a purpose which you might want to analyze before shrugging it off.   It could be an amazing career opportunity or a future partner down the road.  Don’t blow it off as “what’s the point”; there is always a point with everyone you meet!  One person can make a huge difference in your life even if it was only in a short passing.

Let’s say you are really serious about this person.  How do you make it work?

How do you keep from feeling insecure every time you say goodbye?  How can you build a trust with them when half of your life is living in another city?  The top priority should be to ensure you are both “clear” on the relationship’s progression.   Are you dating, casually seeing each other, exclusive or engaged?  It is very hard to ask these questions so quickly, but doing so will save you any misunderstanding later on.

Also ask “yourself” these important questions:

  • “Am I open to the possibility of relocating if the relationship should become serious?”
  • “Am I interested in getting married or happy living in a common law situation?”
  • How do we deal with being a blended family if we have children from another marriage?
  • Do we want our own children together and what time frame are we looking at?
  • Whose family is going to get the short end of the stick ~ because someone has to make the sacrifice and physically change residence.
  • What if we live 3000 miles apart?  (We can’t just go see our family when we feel like it as we have travel barriers and will have to plan far ahead to see them.) Can I live with that? Can they?

Other things to think about:

  • Communicating daily is very important to keep you both feeling secure.  Talk about everything like you would over a glass of wine at home.  Even the little things.
  • Ask their advice on things to make them feel needed across the miles. Hearing their voice and their viewpoint is important.
  • Use Facetime or video phone calls as everyone needs the visual of the person they love!
  • Skype should be your best friend.  (Always take pride in your appearance ~ don’t be complacent as it is a date after all.)
  • Travel time to see each other should be reciprocated!
  • Have a future plan as to where you will live together so there are no surprises later.
  • Know when to say good-bye; do not leave the relationship hanging if you are losing interest. Don’t lead anyone on longer than necessary and tell them to their face in person not in a text or phone call.
  • Communication is the most needed tool to keep any partnership alive but it is imperative in a long distance relationship.

Don’t ignore the red flags or when your gut trying to tell you something!

Intuition is your guide ~ trust it!  Be respectful of the time that is put in to seeing each other.  Many long distance relationships actually work very well due to the effort that has to be implemented to sustain them.  You have to work harder to keep it fresh and alive.  There is always an excited anticipation for when the next visit is scheduled.

Make sure you are comfortable in both home scenarios with friends, location, family & careers.  You may end up in one of these places more permanently so there needs to be contentment regardless of where you end up living together.  Many couples ignore this in the first year thinking the other person will compromise and it ends up being the reason for the demise of the partnership.

Being on the same page through the transition of the relationship will keep it flourishing but when it changes for any reason, be honest with your partner.  Being the last to know that someone has moved on is devastating.  Ending a relationship is always difficult and heartbreak is painful.   Love doesn’t count the mileage; it hurts regardless of where you live.  Be respectful of each other always.

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