50 Sex & Intimacy Tips For Men and Women


Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or just dating at the moment, these tips are something to implement into your sex-life.

Many of us forget about the little things that we loved about each other when we first met & we become complacent within our relationships. This is not something to be taken lightly, and nurturing the love between you & your partner should be a top priority on a daily basis.

Taking each other for granted is one of the main reasons for the divorce statistics today.

You chose each other for a reason, so please don’t forget why that is. Keep things fresh & alive by continually adding special memories within your relationship. You wouldn’t stop loving & nurturing your children, so put in the same energy with loving your partner.

Women love romance and if a man puts energy in being romantic, he will be able to sensuously lure his lady into his arms without persistence. When a couple prioritizes and nurtures their partner on a regular basis, there is little difficulty keeping the love and intimacy strong between them. 

50 Sex Tips & Intimate Suggestions to Keep Your Relationship Strong:

1. Both sexes need to keep sex fresh and alive! Don’t be predictable!

2. Men like women who are willing to explore new things between the sheets & who initiate sex as well.

3. Women like massage/candles/soft words and a man who caresses them. (They do not like to be groped or men who are constantly aggressive!)

4. Men love lingerie and a woman who enjoys wearing it.  (They also like sexual surprises when out for the evening. Many men find it very sexy when he knows what his lady is wearing or “not” wearing under her outfit.

5. Alcohol-free sex is better than a drunken session. The senses are more alive when you are both sober! (And you actually remember you had sex!)

6. Daytime intimacy is a great scenario whenever possible for both men and women. Sex after 9 pm can become an expected routine, which is not always enjoyed. When you are both tired from your busy day, it can often feel more like a chore. 

7. A little naughty talk in the bedroom is alluring for both sexes!

8. Send sexy suggestive messages during the work day.

9. Always listen to what your partner says they like when you’re making love. 

10. Don’t ignore each other’s nipples. It is an erogenous zone for both sexes.

11. Pick up on their desires in & out of the bedroom. When you pay attention to your partner, it makes them feel special. 

12. Implementing even the smallest romantic gestures will improve your sexual connection and may even increase the frequency. Head nods towards the bedroom are not considered foreplay.

13. Try new positions. Don’t become a “vanilla sex” creature of habit in the bedroom.

14. Wear cologne or body cream lightly & do not forget the deodorant! You may not think you need it but trust me most people do!

15. Learn how to read each other’s emotions & feelings, so you know when they are in the mood for love, or at least be aware of how you can help get them in the mood. 

16. Be aware of their body language. It is important to understand when something is not right or enjoyable for your partner. 

17. Light Candles. Hold hands when you are sitting beside from them on the coach and talk with them about things they are interested in. Show them you really care about their life. Intimacy doesn’t always mean a full-blown sexual interlude. 

18. Have a drink together after you both get home from work, for half an hour. Take time to unwind quietly for a bit, or sit together and chat lightly about things that aren’t stressful. No heavy conversations. 

19. After your orgasm, sex might not be over for them! Make sure you reciprocate things in the bedroom. 

20. Scream out during sex once in a while and let the neighbors know you are not that boring couple after all.

21. Sex is not just penetration, foreplay is very important to arouse each other!

22. Don’t ask your partner if they would like to have sex! Be creative and lure them into the bedroom with a little flare. Change it up as often as possible.

23. Shave or wax certain areas! That goes for both sexes; do a little landscaping. Regular hygiene is crucial to pay attention to. 

24. Sexting is great foreplay before you get home for a date night!

25. Complement your partner & make them feel good about themselves. This gives them confidence that you find them attractive. Body image is very important, especially for women.

26. Don’t wear flannel pajamas, curlers or eye shades to bed or around the house on a continual basis. There are some comfortable clothing items that are sexy too. You always want to keep your partner interested and attracted to you throughout your years together.

27. Do something nice for each other at home. Run her a candle lit bubble bath, or paint her toenails once in a while. Give him a foot or body massage

28. Wash his/her hair or other pampering things.

29. Dress sexy for them, even at home.

30. Dental hygiene; floss, whiten your teeth and keep your breath fresh! Yellow teeth are a huge turn-off and get worse with age, be preventative before it happens. Crest white strips work really well and are easy to apply.

31. Get rid of granny panties & tighty whities!

32. Tell each other what you like & want in bed. Don’t expect each other to know every thing you like. 

33. Men love women who actually enjoy giving oral sex and don’t just do it on their Birthday because it is expected. The same goes with oral sex for women. It makes us more comfortable & relaxed when our man enjoys it. (Don’t forget to eat a little pineapple!)

34. Think ahead romantically for special occasions.

35. Sexual confidence is a turn on for both sexes and takes away some of those inhibitions!

36. Take your time during sex; don’t be in a rush for the finish line or the happy ending!

37. Find out where their erogenous zones are and work them, especially if you want them to get in the mood before your bedroom liaison.

38. Don’t assume that one orgasm is all they are good for. (That goes for men too, ladies.)

39. Have sex outside the bedroom once in a while. 

40. Make-out on the couch, elevator or in the car like a teenager if you have been together for a long time. Remember the excitement of lust when you first met each other.

41. Tell them often that you love them & want to make love to them. Don’t assume they know.

42. Be respectful of each other’s time. Late for a date probably means you won’t get laid that night!

43. Valentine’s Day is a reminder of “romance for dummies” so make other days special for no reason other than you care about them.

44. Don’t be afraid to be a mush-ball occasionally. Let down your conservative guard and really show your soft emotional side. It makes the other person feel special when you show a little vulnerability.

45. Have a naughty “pet name” for them in the privacy of your bedroom.

46. Read or watch something sexy together to spice things up if you feel like your sex life is becoming repetitive.

47. Take turns planning weekly date nights. Be creative! It also keeps you focused on your partner during the time you are prepping for the big night.

48. Never be too busy for your partner! Take their calls, text them throughout the day, make their favorite meal, bring home little gifts once in a while and always remember those special dates on the calendar that are important to them.

49. Kiss them deeply every day, hug them regularly, and always get up to greet each other when they come home. Constantly connecting with your partner through “touch” will always keep you close as a couple.

50. Take sexy vacations or mini holidays to refresh your sexual desires for one another. Getting away from the daily routine at home puts you into a different space where you can relax. Make sure there is a double bathtub or hot tub in the hotel where you can share a glass of wine & candlelight together 

Love is like a full time job, and the relationships that last for many years are the ones that were nurtured and prioritized above all other life expectations.

The grass is seldom greener on the other side, so don’t walk away from a salvageable relationship because you didn’t make every effort possible to be a loving partner. Never forget how to love them or why you fell for them in the beginning. Cherish every moment together and never become complacent.

It really only takes a few minutes a day to remind your partner why you love them <3

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show

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  1. These are all great tips. I think daytime sex is a great tip. Try new things, and see what works for you! In my experience, the more you know, the more you will be able to satisfy your partner in bed. If I’ve learned one thing, it’s the fact that you should never stop learning.

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