You Never Know What You Will Find On A Craigslist Job Post ~Interview Host For Independent Film ~ Heart Of Dance

Like most of us out there trying to pursue our dreams & career passions, we can all relate to the constant Craigslist creeping that we do on a daily basis. Depending on what job section you are searching in, it can be a tad depressing with what is out there. Many of the postings in the entertainment/talent section are all asking for people to work for no pay. As frustrating as that is, occasionally there will be one that stands out regardless. I found “that Ad” and submitted my information to them. Believe it or not, there are still lineups for these non-paying Gigs and people are more than willing to do these jobs strictly for the experience and resume status. (Those are the people who are passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve.)

Fortunately (or unfortunately) most of us do choose our careers and have no one to blame but ourselves with that choice. If we are unhappy or always complaining that someone makes more money than us or has a more exciting job, we need to alter our thinking or move into another direction. Saying that, I have been asked many times why I am pursuing my goal of having my own Talk Show, when I am making very little money at it and haven’t for over 6 years? People think I am crazy and sometimes I believed they were right & I asked myself if I was making a mistake quitting my full time job as a flight attendant to give 100% to my Show. Sometimes the negative comments do weigh on you & take a toll on your self esteem. So what keeps me going and pushing beyond the constant barriers I face in this Broadcasting/Entertainment Industry?

Loving what I do and occasionally getting a break from someone who likes what I am doing!

I applied for a Interview Hosting job for an Independent Film called “Heart Of Dance.” I spoke with the young woman who wrote the script & is also starring as the Lead Actor. I was blown away by her wealth of knowledge & resume statistics for her age! Scarlett Bruns is definitely an old soul and is here on this earth to leave a caring & charitable message to all of those lucky enough to come in contact with her. I am one of those…

The film “Heart of Dance” is to raise awareness for Bulimia and Anorexia in teens.

“Bruns Family Productions is supporting Looking Glass Foundation For Eating Disorders by creating a very meaningful feature film to help teens across North America who suffer from eating disorders.”

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This movie project has brought much interest & support from numerous Actors & Crew who are all involved on a volunteer basis due to the film content & the need to bring awareness to this ongoing illness. I am proud to be chosen to be a part of this and I am happy I answered that Craigslist Ad. Sometimes life is not about what you get but more about what you can give.

I am looking forward to meeting all the people who are a part of this film and applaud their efforts and time involved from their personal lives to make this happen. It is so refreshing to see people care, in what has become a self absorbed world. It is reasons like this, that keep me believing in the goodness of people and in myself as well. THAT is what keeps me pushing towards my goals with each passing day.

~Hope to see everyone at the Silent Auction Fundraiser on June 5th @ The Blarney Stone in Gastown~
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