Why Does My New Boyfriend Want to Keep Our Relationship a Secret?

Thanks for visiting me here at Dear Sybersue. <3 Today I answer Cassie’s question: Why Does My New Boyfriend Want to Keep Our Relationship a Secret?

You are the one in charge of who you allow to enter into your life and it is always so important to pay attention to those early red flags! This is one of those BIG red flags. He is the one hiding a secret!

The only time you would keep a relationship discreet would be if there was a “no in-house relationship rule” in your workplace or that this partnership would cause problems within your career in any way. Even then, it is not a healthy way to start a new love connection.

Unfortunately, there are many scammers and players out there and so it is imperative to always listen to your instincts when meeting anyone new. The dark and light energy of people isn’t that difficult to read when you pay close attention.

Body language is a great tool and also easy to decipher when you take the time to educate yourself on the basic characteristics of human interaction.

If you want to be a big priority in your partner’s life never allow yourself to be their hidden secret. Being a part-time girlfriend that consists only of what works for their time frame, is not a partnership. It is more like a dictatorship!

Be smart about the choices you make!

You don’t want their charm to lure you into an addictive sexual liaison consisting only of late-night booty calls and last minute hookups. You are worth more than being the last option in your partner’s life. (I use the word partner loosely here.) They are not committed to you.

I will continue to say this in as many posts as necessary, “if you want someone to respect you, respect yourself.”

Nothing is ever good when a guy says he wants to keep your relationship a secret! Even if it is just for a few weeks. Whatever excuse they give you is not a good answer. They should want to shout it from the rooftops if they are sincere with their love for you, not closet you away from their friends and family, and every other part of their daily life.

Partnerships are based on trust and if you don’t have that between you as a couple right from the beginning, the foundation is not built on a strong platform. It will always feel shaky and you will continually be questioning how he really feels about you.

I would suggest to anyone in a similar scenario to walk away quickly. If there is a huge attraction to them it will only become more difficult to leave as time goes by. If you don’t allow yourself to venture into their charming web, you won’t get caught in their deceitful ways.

It is so much harder to leave someone when you are already emotionally and physically attached. Really listen to what they say right from the start and don’t pretend to hear what you want them to say.

Sybersue xo <3

Has this happened to you and how did it work out? What important lessons did you learn?

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