Why Do Women Give Men Money When They Barely Know them?

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Today I answer a question from a few women on her advice column: “Why do I give men money when I barely know them? What is wrong with me and how do I get the money back after we break up?”

OK first off, this is getting pretty crazy with how often women are handing out money to guys they have only dated a few times! Why would you give away your hard earned cash to someone who has a lack of self respect to even ask you for it?

Yes guys, I KNOW there are gold diggers out there taking advantage of you as well but today women are asking the question and the same rant I give them, goes for you as well!

The simple fix for both sexes is to quit allowing these people into your life!

It is one thing to financially invest in something as a committed couple but to give money to someone you don’t even know, just shows how quickly they are able to manipulate you and turn on your “vulnerable switch!”

Scammers look for women with lower self-esteem or predictable nice girl behavior as they are more of a transparent target. These guys aren’t going to choose business minded confident women for the most part, because it’s too much work for them.

They want easy prey that doesn’t put up a big fight. 

These men will say a few great things that flatter you and make you feel so special that it really gets your attention. Then “poof,” out comes your debit card to help them with this amazing project they have on the go or an incredible stock tip that they have an investment in. “You just can’t lose on this, but you have to act fast!”

Sometimes it takes a little longer to show their true self.  They will ask you for smaller amounts of money and take baby steps to reel you in. They will give you the undivided attention you desire to keep you in trust mode with them.

Some guys are just great con artists that sift through even the strongest female nets! They really are that good! The trick is to never give money to anyone who promises you anything and you won’t ever find yourself in this predicament.

I honestly do not know one stand up guy that would ever ask a woman for money;no matter how difficult his life may be at the time. He is just too proud to do so.

Anytime someone asks you for cash in a new relationship or who tells you they have the business venture of the year, run in the opposite direction away from them. More often than not, women never recover the money they gave to these scamming guys and they  usually end up vanishing without a trace!

We have all heard the stories of how some people have lead double lives or have been taken advantage financially with false promises for a long and happy future with this type of relationship money scammer.

Always listen to your intuition to see the red flags before it’s too late and have boundaries with all the relationships in your life. Unfortunately this scenario is much more common than you think!

I love to hear from you & will take time to answer you back. Please watch the video above and leave your comments below! Has this happened to you and what did you do about it?

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