What I Base My Integrity On

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I started writing quietly in a personal journal when I was 10 years old. Many people didn’t know this, including my parents. It was my safe place to go everyday where I wasn’t judged, ridiculed or lonely.

My little paisley diary was everything to me and sometimes my dearest friend. It probably “saved” me more than I realized as I look back now.

There was very little love in my home environment and this “go-to daily solitude” was someone I could talk to as there wasn’t anyone else. (Oh & not to forget giving credit to my very over-loved 10 year old panda bear pictured above.)

We all have childhood issues and moments of feeling lost as we find our way into adulthood but some of us have lingering memories that don’t fade away into the cobwebs of our mind as easily as others.

It’s all about survival mode and how you choose to maintain your integrity throughout some of the verbal, physical and psychological drama that you had to endure. How do you keep holding your head up high and believe in yourself?

It takes a strong person to move past life’s big curve balls but not everyone has the strength to do so; especially as a young girl or boy. Being left alone emotionally can leave deep scars for many years to come and some people never completely recover from the loneliness.

Regardless of what phase your life is in now, it is never too late to find that safe place that brings you some comfort. You are never really alone when you reach out for help. Sometimes family just isn’t that place.

Find a passion that makes you feel worthy, find one person you can trust and share your deepest feelings with. Always use your gut instincts to stay clear of the people who don’t have your best interests at heart, who have a fake agenda, who use you or are jealous of you in any way.

Your integrity and morals will always help keep you in a healthy zone of feeling whole. You will always be honest, sincere, truthful and fair in everything you do. It gives you a wonderful validity to your existence here on earth. It is a guide that keeps you real & maintains your self-worth.

When your life base has a conscience and loyalty to those you love & who love you back, you can never go too far off track.

There may always be traces of that little lost child popping up here and there but that’s OK.  This is a reminder of how far you have come and how amazing you are today, regardless of the past sadness that may haunt you at certain times in your new life. You’re OK and many other people think you are too.<3

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