Vancouver Singles Pickup Venues & Advice For Superbowl 2011

It is that time of year where the men are rowdy & the women are sports widows once again. The old expression “If you can’t beat em, join em” comes to mind at this point. Rather than fight the odds, wouldn’t it be better to try to understand the NFL and maybe even learn to enjoy football? The 2011 Superbowl which is on Sunday February 6th is being played in Arlington, Texas at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. This is one of the biggest parties of the year and definitely worth a visit to a happening Vancouver Sports Bar to partake in!

Ladies who are single need to get up off the couch, put on their best pair of jeans & mingle with the good ol boys of football. It is the one time of year where men get really excited and show their emotions openly. (Not exactly what some ladies are looking for but at least some tears & laughter have been witnessed at these events!) Where does one go to be a part of Superbowl & get noticed in Vancouver? There are numerous venues hosting parties this year and not all of them are expensive. Forum on Granville Street, The Academic on Broadway, The Shark Club downtown & Langley,The Lamplighter in Gastown and pretty much any venue that has a TV will be airing Superbowl Sunday.

NFL For Dummies (How to look like you know a little about The 2011 Superbowl)

• The NFL (National Football league) Is played for 7 weeks with each team playing 16 regular games.
• There are 32 teams 16 AFL Conference & 16 NFL Conference
• The teams in the Superbowl 2011 are : Green Bay Packers & The Pittsburg Steelers
• Game starts at 3:30PM – Vancouver time (get there about 90 mins before)
• What is a Down: A period of action that starts when the ball is put into play and ends when the ball is ruled dead (meaning that the play is completed). The offense gets four downs to advance the ball 10 yards. If it fails to do so, it must surrender the ball to the opponent, usually by punting on the fourth down. (Howie Long’s Cheat Sheet)
• A Touchdown: Is worth 6 points
• The Pittsburg Steelers have won the Superbowl six times
• The Commercials are part of the Show & not to be missed.
• Do not ask questions during football “Play”
• Get involved in Football pools the Venues put on for mingle purposes!

This is one time of the year gives people an excuse to party & chat to their neighbors. Inhibitions are removed because patrons are in a good mood. There is nothing like a sporting event to bring a man’s character to light. This is one of the best times to meet a potential date. Depending on your age category will determine which venue is the most preferred. The Donnelly group tend to cater to an under 30 crowd while Hotel Pubs & restaurants attract a mixture of demographics. Research your choice well before making the arrangements. It is difficult to change the venue last minute on game day. There is always a choice of having your own Vancouver Superbowl party or getting invited to one. Rule number 1 is must you have a TV screen over 46 inches ~ In this case ladies, size really does matter!
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