Vancouver Dating: How To Meet Men at a Bar!


A friend of mine & I were out for a quick drink after shopping & I just had to take this photo!  Do you think men still like a woman who is domestic or would they prefer someone who is less of a homemaker & more spontaneous & fun?

I have never agreed with the old cliche: ” The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”  Things have changed & while it is only my opinion in this blog, I am thinking men have better things on their minds with how to spend time with a woman than watching her do laundry!  I always said “Cooking & Cleaning” are two cities in a foreign Country!

While women love a man who wears a tool belt & actually knows how to use those tools do you think she would she kick him out of bed if he was hot & couldn’t change a tire? Hmmmm, I think not…

Let go of those dated check lists & enjoy meeting new people for who they are without having to have every item on the list ticked off.  If you want a housekeeper or carpenter ladies & gentleman, go hire one!

hugs & happy dating <3

Susan  McCord ~


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