Audition for HGTV Show: Live Here Buy This!

I had this video sitting in the archives of my editing files and thought I would post it for #throwbackthursdays! Yes, OMG we auditioned for the HGTV Show “Live Here Buy This” 3-4 years ago and ended up shortlisted for one of the TV spots. In the end we did were not one of the chosen couples but we sure had fun making the video. #TBT Never a dull moment!

What is the show about?

What if you up and sold everything? Where could you afford to live and how? Live Here, Buy This tantalizes homeowners with enviable properties around the world that match the cost of their current home.

In each episode, a couple sees what they can afford in three enticing locations that fit their lifestyle to a “t.” Did you know that for $260,000 you could own a farmhouse in Granada, Spain? Or buy a rustic stone apartment with a spa bathroom in Umbria, Italy? Or if you have a soft spot for Southern hospitality you could own a 3 bedroom cottage with a huge backyard in South Carolina?

Live Here Buy This makes your life-long fantasy a tangible reality. We’ll show you what your life could look like in paradise!

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  1. Dear Sue
    I remember the day I was walking up the stairs at Olympic gym 38

    years ago there was this welcoming smile and and I came over interduced myself
    I thought wow this is a kind person so appreciated this kind smile that I needed that day
    So Happy for you and your great husband be with you.
    Don Schlegel

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