There is Life, Dating, Sex & Love after a Divorce!

There is Life, Dating, Sex & Love after a Divorce!

In the video above Sybersue discusses life after a Divorce

So many men and women have a hard time getting back out dating after a long term relationship breakup or divorce. Some women never even try after their marriage dissolves. They lose their self esteem and think that no one will want them especially when they are over 40.

Many single parents make everything about the kids. Everything revolves around them. It’s all about their lives, their activities and their needs. What about you? Do you not count? Do you not deserve love in your life?

Could you possibly be using the kids as an excuse so you don’t have to go back out in the singles market and meet someone? You subconsciously think that staying single for the rest of your life is so much easier than putting out any energy into finding another person to share your life with. Right?

Really? How is that working for you?

What happens when the children leave home? Now what are you going to do? The same thing goes for being a workaholic and then your job ends.

Where is the healthy balance in your life?

Love happens at any age and there are no rules that say you only have “one love” in your lifetime! Life can begin in a whole new way after a divorce and often for the better once you get over the initial hurt.

So get back out there and life your life!! No more excuses, you deserve to be happy!

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show
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