Thank You To My American Friends

There are two times a year on the calendar where giving thanks is to be acknowledged with more vigor than usual. While showing “how grateful we are” should be shown on a daily basis, celebrated holidays are there for a reason. Many people do not take the time to be gracious to others in their lives often enough & need to be reminded. We are hiding behind so many devices that we seldom talk face to face anymore. I was noticing how seldom my land line rings these days while my emails & text messages are on the rise in drastic amounts. Don’t get me wrong I love connecting with people all over the world & welcome them into my life…But I do miss the eye to eye contact. After all, the eyes are the window to ones soul.

I want to give a shout out to my American Neighbors & let you know how much I appreciate you all. I used to live in Dallas Texas 20 years ago & all I ever received was kindness from everyone I encountered.  Everyone was helpful & always had a big smile & friendly hello!  My son was born there so in actuality he is American but has duel citizenship and is a Canadian citizen.

Regardless of the stereo-typing that goes on with our two Countries & teasing/sarcastic humor from comedians & others, we should all be extremely grateful that we are congenial neighbors.  Many other Countries in the world are not blessed with our friendship and are in continual turmoil.  I am thankful that we are civil towards each other &  really enjoy the American outgoing nature & zest for life.  I love my Country too but I am always excited to visit the different States with all the diversity they have to offer.

There has been numerous discussions on some of your Presidents (especially Bush) & political decisions with many judgments made from Canadians on the subject. I can only say that we should look in our own political backyard before we throw too many stones. Our system has a few blemishes as well. We need to stay together & not find fault with one another. We have a good thing going & I for one would like to keep it that way. We are all so very fortunate to be living in this amazing part of the world & need to remind ourselves regularly of how lucky we are. I can’t wait for my next visit across the border & look forward to meeting many more of my American neighbors in this lifetime.

Happy Thanksgiving from an Appreciative Canadian friend.

xo Susan


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