Terror in Paris November 2015

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There are so many opinions out there right now stating that most people only really care, when horrible things happen to 1st world Countries such as what happened with the Paris Attacks yesterday. Mass murder is devastating in every part of the world in which it occurs and people do care!

It is a senseless and cowardly act when innocent people are gunned down for no reason at all! People all around the world come together in crisis and natural disasters all the time and I am tired of hearing that no one gives a crap! I for one passionately care about all wars in the world and the people who are affected by them on a daily basis!! Just because I live in Canada doesn’t mean I turn a blind eye to world problems! I am devastated when I hear any heart breaking news events!

We need to stop pointing fingers at each other and use our voices and social media resources to be there for one another with love and compassion not to add more fuel to this power hungry group of individuals who are trying to destroy human comradery!

Each person can make a difference by caring for others and not allowing negative comments to cause further fighting.  How we all deal with the aftermath of a tragedy such as this horrendous situation in France, will be the answer to us staying together as a united front and find some sort of peace in the world.

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