Am I Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places?

Am I Looking For Love In All the Wrong Places?

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I am saddened by how many men and women complain about the difficulties they have enjoying a successful dating life.  Both sexes must learn how to open up and talk to each other without initial harsh judgment or sabotage due to their own subconscious insecurities.

Men & women need to make an effort to understand their gender differences and embrace them instead of finding fault with each other!

Not too long ago a friend of mine was publicly reprimanded by a male radio host for a blog she posted about being an Alpha Female. The guy who started this negative feedback regularly discusses women on his show in a derogatory way.

Why do we do this to each other and why are some men and women so damn angry?

People are just not meeting face to face as often and it is so easy to vent their frustration behind a computer rather than figure out why things aren’t working for them. The biggest change you can make is to get outside and talk to real people!

Hiding behind your dating profile doesn’t help you mingle or give you incentive that there are some really great men and women out there in your city! Listening to others complain online about their dating woes or never meeting anyone of substance can become negatively embedded into your mind.

The reason online dating apps and computer dating is so popular is because both men and women lack ideas or creativity on where to rendezvous when they want to meet a potential date.  It also has a lot to do with self-esteem and fear of rejection as well.

The most obvious choice for many is the bar & nightclub scene. This is “one night stand” territory no matter how you look at it. There will always be the exception of a few people who end up in a committed relationship with someone they meet in a club, but for the most part it is a short lived scenario.

Many people wake up the next day & seldom call the number they have in their coat pocket from the night before. (This is mainly due to too much alcohol & lack of confidence to make the phone call. Or they can’t remember the conversation or what they even look like!!)

Meeting in a lounge or a restaurant is a better environment to potentially meet someone but you have to be more confident to actually talk to them without the dance option available at night clubs.

Alcohol is a great relaxer for many women & it also gives men liquid courage to approach a woman. This is why the bar scene is a repetitive hangout for so many frustrated people. Unfortunately it is usually the same old story every weekend & everyone wakes up perturbed & lonely and the pattern continues.

Some of the situations to be aware of when meeting a potential partner:

  • If you are using online dating services be aware that some people are only really interested in a sexual relationship. Really pay attention to what their profile says & notice any red flags with their pictures. Photos really are worth a thousand words on most online dating sites and many people choose to ignore these obvious signs!
  • Don’t get caught up and blinded by a person’s status! These are men and women who only date or sleep with a certain high profile type. These people usually frequent the same establishments and word travels fast. Do you really want to be known as a groupie? (You may not even be aware that you have this reputation.)
  • Be aware of men & women who are looking for a sugar daddy/mama type lifestyle and will only date someone in this financial league. They are usually pretty easy to spot so keep your eyes open and observe. Body language is also a dead giveaway.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be the constant mistress! Married men will not come to you continually unless you are sending out vulnerable and available signals. You should never be OK being number 2 in a relationship.
  • People who only date the perfect & beautiful types.  Their physical standards are so high that everything else is overlooked in the relationship. Both sexes fall into this category.

External riches do not necessarily bring internal riches.

Finding true love should not be abusive or emotionally painful. Getting yourself stuck in a routine will close doors on other available options that could ultimately work for you.

If you classify yourself as a certain “type” or that you only like a certain type of person, you will be forever stuck in repetitive scenarios.  Fear can be a powerful relationship suppressor, so be cognizant of forming any patterns that keep you from having love in your life because you are afraid of what may or may not happen.

Challenge those internal demons as to why you don’t feel worthy of having love in your life.

If you don’t have the strength to get out of  reoccurring heart breaking situations, then start observing some of your friends who may be stronger than you and follow their lead. (Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to hire someone professionally for a short time.)

Change up your dating patterns & the venues so that you have a better chance of meeting someone of substance.  Everyone deserves love!

Some of the 10 best places to meet at least start up a good conversation:

  1. Golf driving range or at an Executive Par 3 course as less serious golfers will go there. (Unless of course you are a great player!)
  2. Tennis court (Use the back wall where other solo players will practice.)
  3. The gym (Be friendly & acknowledge people near you ~ Say hi & take off your headphones!) It really is the easiest place to strike up a conversation.
  4. Airport (Talk to people in the holding room or restaurants.)
  5. Hiking trails or a Beach/Park with high people traffic.
  6. Sporting venue (hockey game, baseball game, soccer match, golf spectator etc.)
  7. Any mingle social event or lounge  (Do not seat yourself in a booth; always stay open to the room.)
  8. Meet up groups (Check your local area for the numerous groups available or start one of your own! Thursday night pub night or something to that effect.)
  9. Take a course or join a group activity where there will be men and women attending who have similar interests as you. That way you already have something in common.
  10. Speed Dating & Online Dating sites/apps (Do your homework & find the best ones that work for you.) Don’t waste much time texting back and forth. If they don’t want to meet up sooner than later, move on.

The worst thing you can do is stay home and complain that you are not meeting anyone or that all men and women are messed up. There are some wonderful people who are just as ready as you are to be in a loving relationship.

Don’t become a non-believer and get stuck in a circle of negative thinking. If it ain’t working change it up!

You are in charge of you, so listen to your instincts and work out the kinks that may be causing you to sabotage love from entering your life. It’s totally your decision and no one else.

We have to stop pointing fingers at each other and be responsible for our own happiness. Being defensive will not bring you what you are looking for long term; it will keep repelling it away from you.

Be open & ready to receive a loving partnership into your life. ❤

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Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend is a Nice Guy but I Like Bad Boys!!

Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend is a Nice Guy but I Like Bad Boys!!

Why do I Always go for the Bad Boys?

Why do I Always go for the Bad Boys?

Dear Sybersue:

I have been dating my boyfriend Andrew exclusively for 1 year now and I really do love him. He is ready to take the next step and move in together but I am questioning whether we are a good match for a long term commitment. He is the ultimate nice guy and is everything a girl would want! He really is a perfect boyfriend. I never have to question things or try to figure him out because he is always so even keeled and non confrontational. Our sex life is good; a little on the vanilla side but I am very attracted to him physically!

The problem is:

I am used to bad boys and really miss the excitement of it all! I am 31 years old and should be ready for a real relationship by now, but there is something that keeps pulling me back from wanting a normal conventional existence with one guy. I miss the intensity of bad boy sex and spontaneous get-togethers from my past a year ago. I know I should be thankful that I have someone in my life who loves me unconditionally without all the B.S. of a guy who is only there for a “good time not a long time,” but I admit I am a little bored with Andrew.

What do you suggest I do?

Thanks Sybersue, April84

Dear April,

Have you ever thought about what it would be like for you not to have Andrew in your life? Are you possibly taking him for granted because he is always available and there for you? Maybe you are used to the up and down drama from your past “bad boy relationships” and miss that intensity of the constant mystery. Are you really OK with your past booty call lifestyle and can you see that continuing on for the rest of your life? If your sex-life is too vanilla with Andrew then you need to discuss ways to spice it up. Tell him what you like and take the initiative to change it. Most guys are pretty open to new things in the bedroom!

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Lifestyle Advice ~ How to Know When you are in a Healthy Relationship

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What are some of the signs that you may need to move on?

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Dating Relationship ~ 10 Things Men Wish Women Wouldn’t Do & 10 Things Women Wish Men Wouldn’t Do!

#TBT It’s Throw Back Thursday and time to revisit a few videos from a few years ago! We had a lot of fun with these two shows:)

This topic discusses little pet peeves that many men & women have dealt with in their dating & relationship experiences. It’s not a bad thing and we each have our own quirks and idiosyncrasies. That’s life!  When we learn to accept and appreciate the little things that make each sex different is when we stop ending relationships for the smallest reasons!

Many people sabotage their own happiness because their checklists are too long and unrealistic.  We all have to lighten up and quit sweating the small crap that happens in life. I know that is easier said than done and I have to remind myself not let certain things get to me as well.  It’s so easy to get frustrated when things don’t go our way more often than we would like, and that includes scenarios in a partnership.

Learning to laugh about our distinctive habits or characteristics and not take things too seriously is the best way to live.  We are all extraordinary in our own way and should be proud of that person we are. This is not to say that we can’t always improve on ourselves and evolve into a more diverse version.  As our bodies change over the years our mind should as well.  It is never too late to add another dimension to who we already are. ❤

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Dating Advice – Why do so Many Women Need to Know Everything on the First Date?

Dear Sybersue:

Why do so many women need to know everything about me on the first date?  What is with all the questions and the big checklist?  I feel like I am being interrogated!  It is so annoying and such a turn off. Why can’t people just take things slow? I’m not the only guy who feels this way as many of my male friends have discussed it with me.  It is becoming a common occurrence and I am getting fed up…grrrrr

I am sure there are men who do this to women as well but I am just speaking about my own experiences. Why don’t people just let things unfold without 200 questions. What the heck is wrong with everyone today?

Thanks, Bryan 

Susan McCord @

Dear Sybersue ~ I am Dating a Guy Who is Moving Way Too Fast!

Dear Sybersue is a Dating/Relationship/Lifestyle Advice Talk Show for Men & Women of all Ages!

Canadian Talk Show Host Susan McCord answers Kristy’s question;

Dear Sybersue,

I am dating a guy who is really moving FAST!  I admit I liked it in the beginning because it was wonderful to meet a man who actually followed through with everything he said.  But…after 4 weeks together he is starting to drive me crazzzy with all his constant planning ahead!

Why is this happening? I am freaking out & getting turned off!  I need some space!

Thank you, Kristy 🙂

Why is Dating & Having a Relationship so Damn Hard?

roses of love

Regardless of how much stress is going on around the world, the one topic that still comes up and is regularly discussed is; love, relationships and dating!  (Or “lack of all three” in many cases.)  Finding love is not easy these days with the demise of face to face contact.  People are far too busy to take the time to get out and meet others the old fashioned way.  I even find myself spending a lot of alone time on my computer and have to force myself out during the day so I don’t forget how to use my voice and mingle with real people.  It’s not all about work!

There are many of us that have numerous social media friends that we have never met in person but we talk to on a daily basis. Times have changed and we are more cyber connected than ever! Having a friendship and business connections with a profile photo with no actual physical contact is quite normal. It is quite strange when you think about it!  It’s not unlike the old “pen pal” relationships from our parent’s days, except they were actually written with a pen and paper and mailed out with a stamp! (Those are three words that are slowly becoming obsolete!)

Why are we letting go of the simple pleasures of life and not embracing human connection?

I just started writing for a local website in Kitsilano, Vancouver that is all about connecting the neighborhood together. If everyone did this in their cities it would bring back that lost intimate or friendly association of meeting someone in the flesh. Technology has made us lazy and it is far too easy to have an encounter with our smart phones, iPads, computers & gaming devices than to be rejected in the real world of people.  How sad it that!

Is Fear the big problem here? Why are men and women so unhappy and not “getting out” meeting each other? How can we change that?

Tips for Single Ladies:

The one complaint I hear all the time is there are no men to date! Oh they’re out there ladies! I went to a pub the other night in Vancouver and I was one of the only women there for a good part of the evening ~ with the exception of the two servers. I am also one of the few females on the unisex side of the gym I regularly work out at. I go to a few different coffee shops in the neighborhood where the male customers outnumber the females by 5-1! Often when I go to the driving range at golf courses in the city I am surrounded my men and only a few women. I can’t even count how many guys that were at home depot when I went to buy my husband a power drill for Christmas!  (Hey that’s what he wanted lol!)

There are some great men out there who only need the encouragement of a smile! It’s not a bad thing to be the first to acknowledge “them” ladies. Times have changed and many guys do not know what they are supposed to do anymore. A little nudge is OK girls and it should not be beneath you to reach out once in awhile. Keep your expectations to a minimum and just enjoy a conversation without initial judgment. You don’t have to date every guy you talk to but it shows that you are open and friendly which is a good reputation to have! There are a lot of nice guys out there but if you keep going for the “hot bad boys” or giving up dating due to negative experiences, you will repeat heartache and loneliness forever.

Tips for Single Men:

Where are all the single ladies?  Generally speaking, many women venture out to restaurants with female friends in the evening & walks, yoga/fitness and brunch on the weekends to get out of their homes.  They think that they look desperate if they go to a bar all the time.  They also go to the theater and shopping areas.  It can be difficult to approach them if they are in a group but even just smiling and saying good afternoon/evening can open the door to conversation.

Not all women are materialistic and are out for a man’s wallet.  It’s not difficult to separate the high maintenance girls from the nice girls just by watching their actions for a few minutes.  If you continue to go for “the perfect 10” all the time and get similar non-existent results, it is you that needs to change this pattern.  Why are you attracted to this type of woman anyway and how is it working for you?

Receptive women will be happy to receive a friendly smile from a man at any restaurant, sporting event or function she attends. Don’t let one bad encounter spoil you from meeting someone great. Many guys take that one bad experience and hold onto it, which maintains their constant unavailability with the ladies. Women are not all the same just as men are not all the same.

Both sexes are so quick to point fingers at each other.  Stop it!

Tips for both sexes:

If you do feel rejected once in awhile, don’t give up and let it dictate how you act for the rest of your dating life. It is their loss and will only move you into a better direction anyway. They did you a favor so that you don’t have to waste your time with the wrong person. Try not to sabotage your future happiness because you are afraid to get hurt or to get turned down. Don’t let it tarnish your attitude so that you become another jaded single person! Stand out from the others who do this and “own your part” in why dating might not be working for you at this time. It isn’t always the other persons fault.

Lose those “set rules” you have had in the past and try something new and out of your dating comfort zone. If something isn’t working, repeating it or becoming a hermit is not the answer. You want a partner to share your life with and everyone deserves love. Dating doesn’t have to be so damn hard if you change your thinking and reactions.

People are so defensive these days and quick to become bitter in the dating world. Look at each experience as a stepping stone and treat each date as an education ~ by learning something new each time! Harboring on what didn’t happen or the fact that there wasn’t any chemistry; is no one’s fault. Not taking it personally and staying optimistic, will eventually lead you to that special person.

Attitude is everything.

Susan McCord @