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Sweating About The Small Stuff in Your Relationship 💕

Sweating The Small Stuff in Your Relationship 💕 Hello and welcome! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Today I want to talk about those little things that can really hurt a relationship long term and those little things we should learn to let go of.

Some of the small things to just try to accept

  1. You don’t always have the same taste in food, TV shows, music or sporting events. This should be a combined compromise.
  2. Are you a compulsive neat freak? When you are very particular about certain things in your daily life, it doesn’t mean your partner has to conform to your ways.
  3. Different driving styles (This is one I deal with at my house. I am a little more of a lead foot, while my husband drives slower and lets those pushy types in front of us all the time. Let’s just say I look down at my phone a lot. I’m a work in progress!) 😉
  4. Friendships and family dilemmas. We don’t all have the same rapport with certain people, so pay attention to your partner’s feelings and listen to their concerns. You both might have to set separate time aside to see some of your friends/family on your own. Don’t force your partner into being somewhere they really don’t want to be. (You don’t have to be together every minute. It’s a good thing for you both!)

The small things that can become big things

It is really important to listen to your partner and not ignore what they are relaying to you. Respecting their feelings and vice versa is the glue to keeping your relationship in a happy place. This is especially true when it comes to having different child-rearing tactics.

When someone continually feels ignored and unheard in their relationship, they will eventually begin to check out.

What is the point in making the effort to communicate with a partner who doesn’t care enough to really listen and hear what you are expressing to them? Not only is it annoying to regularly have to repeat yourself, but it is the catalyst in causing most arguments to flare up.

No one wants to feel like the last priority in their partner’s life. So while some requests may seem like small things to you, they still need to be adhered to with respect to your partners’ needs. Just as they should honor your needs as well. It’s a two way street here.

Whether it’s picking up your wet towel off the floor, throwing out the empty milk container in the fridge, or leaving toothpaste or makeup all over the bathroom counter, over time this is just really bad behavior. Appreciate your surroundings and your relationship!

We all want to feel validated that our feelings are not just being tossed aside. Always put the shoe on the other foot and think about how you feel if this situation was reversed.

Saying all this you still need to pick your battles and really weigh out if there is a good reason to continually fight about a certain annoyance that gets on your nerves.

I always take into account how much it bothers my partner and to stop doing it as soon as possible. It’s not worth it to keep upsetting him when I can easily alter some of my quirky habits. Of course, that has to go two ways for the relationship to stay on the same healthy page.

Can you compromise with each other and save your relationship? Please watch the video above and let me know what you did to improve things at home. Leave your comments below to help others who may be dealing with this.

Thank you!

Sybersue xo <3

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