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A post by my good friend Kathy Patellis-Schmidt 

One would not usually describe suit-clad business guys as fashionable, in actual fact a suit indeed isn’t fashion at all, but anti-fashion, but by Golly aren’t they stylish?! Having sneakily watched a few men work their wardrobes I see that I could learn a few style lessons from some of them.

So when I became one half of a couple with a man who has worked in business his whole career, I assumed I would be the one bringing all the style accolades to the table. Turns out I could learn a few tips and trick from my man. He has getting dressed down to a fine art, looking sharp wherever he is headed.

I thought I could catch him in a “got nothing to wear” moment but as I watched him work his wardrobe from Europe to Canada I realized I was jealous of his perfectly curated wardrobe, especially when I find myself always scrambling to pack for a short vacation trip or pulling something together for a dinner (yes even a stylist sometimes thinks she has nothing to wear).

Sadly, spending the last years working in the fashion industry has left me with a closet of lovely clothes and accessories, that sometimes overwhelm my confident sense of style, especially when I have to decide impromptu on going out for an important meeting or a casual lunch with a group of friends.

That is why I always say to clients; prepare and have pieces put together which you can rely on for any occasion. And the other thing is – learn a few tips from your boyfriend or husband.

Here are a few ways my well dressed husband has inspired me:

  1. Invest heavily in key pieces…. When I look at his closet, his uniform is obvious. He has got several versions of all the key pieces and accessories… pants, shirts, sweaters, jackets, boots.
  2. Don’t mess with trends, EVER…. The truth is, if you don’t like the 70s trend, or super skinny high-waisted jeans, leave them for someone else. Yes, this is easier for men, whose buying decisions are less trend driven than women, but that is a good lesson to remember. Buy what looks classically good on you. That way you will simply never go wrong
  3. Have a wardrobe for every occasion…. Just like you have your work and weekend wardrobe, invest in a few key pieces that hold up for any occasion. Black Tie, Ski weekends, or wherever else you may need to be. Especially if you expect to use these pieces a couple of times per year. It’s the last minute scramble that leaves you purchasing something you will likely never wear again.
  4. Care about construction and fabric above all else. Inspect the fabric and if it looks cheap, it does not make the cut. If I could spend the money spent at Zara, on designer clothes instead, I could have bought that black Dior jacket I always wanted by now, and I would be wearing it all the time, for many years
    Copenhagen Fashionweek SS2016
  5. When something fits perfectly…. Buy it in multiple. This fashion statute is not news. A black pant that fits like a glove does not come around often.
  6. Bespoke isn’t meant just for suits. Yes, we all know you can get shirts made but what about skirts, dresses or even jeans? If your body type is challenging in the retail space, try finding a tailor that loves to design and bring in some ideas of staples that you want them to create for you.
  7. Don’t neglect the boring stuff…. This is so important! Work clothes should all be about excellent fabrics and the perfect cut for your body type. This is what will make them work for you in the long term.
  8. Wear cool workout clothes and even make your after work lounge wear something you would be caught dead in.
  9. Invest in good quality lingerie for the sake of how it makes you feel.

Post by Kathy Patellis-Schmidt

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