Stop Interviewing People On a First Date!

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In today’s weekly video upload I discuss: Stop Interviewing People on a Date!

Why do some men and women have a huge checklist that they interrogate their dates with? Is this a good way to show your fun side? How does it feel when someone does it to you?

As much as dating can feel like a job interview sometimes it should never feel clinical or intimidating! If you want to have a second date with someone you had better stop with this repetitive interview process!

When did we become so entitled that we think “our person” should have to have every box ticked with our unrealistic relationship expectations? One wrong answer and you’re out of the running! This is crazzzzy! 

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some insecurities or a few flaws, so why are so many people quick to delete someone who they haven’t even given a chance to? Just because he might not be 6’2 feet tall or she may not be a hot blonde, is this a mature reason to walk away?

I talked to some amazing women last night at The Opus Lounge in downtown Vancouver close to where I live. They were from New York and we had a chat about how difficult it is to date there. “All the men want younger women and there are very few quality guys available.”

I told them it is the same line I hear in every city I visit and this isn’t just an isolated situation in New York. This is the feeling everywhere!

This means single men and women need an attitude adjustment. They need to reprogram their negative thinking about dating and relationships! All men are not the same and neither are all women.

Stop thinking that is the case!

There are plenty of people that want to meet someone their own age and who aren’t playing games and are available for a relationship. Thinking that you will never meet anyone, is sabotaging your chances to actually meet someone because your body language and negative mindset is rappelling them in the opposite direction!

Dating can be fun but it won’t be if you tend to treat it like a boring interview or you are always bieng way too picky! No one is perfect so start looking at people with a different perspective! Are you perfect?

If you want things to be different; change your attitude with a brand new thought process. Tell the Universe you are ready for a relationship and openly ask for what you want.

Believe that you are worthy of having a loving partnership and then welcome it in with open arms. I am not saying things will change overnight because that is entirely up to you and how you alter your energy and your attitude.

Old patterns can take a while to completely diminish when they have been embedded in your mind for so long, but…you can teach an old dog new tricks despite what you may think.

Please watch the video above for more on this subject. 

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