Sex in the Work Place!

Why is there still so much sex going on in the office? Is it due to the temptation of that sexy piece of forbidden fruit you see everyday when you are at work?

Gone are the days of the 25 year careers and today it is even more important to act professionally than ever before. Competition is fierce out in the work place so why would you want to jeopardize it for a sexual fling in the stock room or at the company Christmas party?

Dating a colleague that you met at work can be acceptable if there are no rules against it at your place of employment but having a casual sexual affair is never a good idea! More often than not both people involved in an “office liaison” are married, or at least one of them is!

You both think you are being so discreet when most of the office is totally aware of your activities! Body language is easy to read when there is lust involved!!

  • Are you doing this because things at home are not going well?
  • Are you looking for a promotion?
  • Another notch on the bedpost?
  • You like the excitement of trying not to get caught.
  • Or is your self esteem tarnished and any attention is good attention?

These lustful scenarios usually end up as a one sided love affair with one person becoming very involved and you need to pay close attention to where this rendezvous situation is headed!

Make sure you are willing to sacrifice a lot of things in your life if you choose to walk down this path because 9 times out of 10 it usually doesn’t end well.

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show


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