Dating Relationship Patterns: A Repeated Mistake is a Choice!

Today I discuss the topic: Dating Relationship Patterns: A Repeated Mistake is a Choice!

As we mature we all choose our own life path and the choices we make are ours. It is how we choose to live our lives and how quickly we move on from our mistakes that will lead us to the highest good of who we are meant to be.

Choosing repetitive patterns that keep causing you drama, sadness or pain is not the answer to making you happy.  It’s always a great time to reinvent yourself because you are constantly evolving and learning new things!

That is the beauty of life; we do have choices.

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If you are dating the same type of people that put your environment in a negative place you have to ask yourself why you are allowing this to keep happening. What are you getting out of it and what is in it for you? There has to be something to keep you coming back for more.

Are you aware that you may be “unknowingly” internalizing your self worth and that playing the victim keeps you in this depressive cycle? 

It can take years for us to figure out some of the things we aren’t grasping. We are not paying attention to how often we are allowing repetitive mistakes to take place. They happen so regularly that it becomes “the norm” in our lives.

This can be a very dangerous place to put yourself.

Listen to your friends and family when they tell you things about some of your unhealthy dating and relationship choices.

Sometimes we need to be bombarded with comments that shake us up a little because we tend to bury our head in the sand when it comes to certain lifestyle choices. Everyone deals with “difficult stuff” in some form or another but we don’t have to keep banging our head on the same brick wall!

Learn from what doesn’t work! Why make life so hard when there are other options??

A really good rule of thumb for many things in life; if more than a few people tell you the same thing, you may want to start paying attention.

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