Relationship Question: Would You Choose Your Partner All Over Again?

Dear Sybersue is an Informative and very REAL dating and relationship advice columnist for men and women. In today’s video above, Sybersue discusses the question; “Would you choose your partner all over again?”

You will be surprised by the answers many couples give! What would you say when asked this question? What do you do if the answer is no? Can you fix things in your relationship? Do you want to?

Over the years many couples become complacent and just give up trying to keep the romance alive in their relationship because too many things get in the way!

Time with the kids, careers and financial stress take a toll on partnerships and if you don’t know how to balance this, your bedroom will end up being a boring platonic place just for you to sleep!

When the sex fizzles so do many relationships!

Why do people think it is easier to give up on their relationship than to try to keep it in the intimate place it was years ago when they first met? Yes it’s a lot of work but so is everything in life!

Is it really a better idea to just live in a loveless partnership or to have to start over again and go back out to the online dating scenario of the millennium?

Are either of those great options?

If there is anything salvageable within your long term commitment, it is worth making things right. If you have grown in different directions and really feel that things are over, it is time to move on so that you both can be happy.

Staying together out of fear or laziness is not being fair to anyone and you are shortchanging yourself and your partner.

With a little effort on both parts, a couple can stay in a healthy and loving partnership. There are many people who make it work! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to answer “yes” to the question; “Would you choose your partner all over again?”

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that you didn’t ignore your relationship and made it a priority over the years and that you taught your kids what love really is?

Consistency, communication, romance, respect and putting each other first are relationship enhancers. If you keep all of those important factors of your partnership alive and it is also reciprocated by them, you will see how smoothly the years flow lovingly by.

Why wouldn’t you give it your all?

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