Relationship Advice: Opposites Attract but Can They Stay Together?

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Today’s discussion “Opposites Attract but Can They Stay Together?” is a question Sybersue deals with often on her advice column.  Many of the questions are related to compatibility issues within relationships. A great number of people overlook things when they first start out with someone new and disregard small red flags that ultimately become big problems in their partnership. Understanding what is important and respecting each other’s time will help the love to continue to blossom long term.  When one person becomes selfish making it all about their needs and time schedule it is no longer a reciprocated relationship and disconnection comes into play. This is why so many couples grow apart over the years.

Having some different hobbies or life passions is a good thing but when it is continually one sided in a relationship, resentment will often be felt by the person left behind. Commonalities are a good thing and important to have in a healthy commitment. It should never be only about one person making all the compromises or decisions.

Watch the video above to see what Sybersue has to say about it.

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