Relationship Advice: My EX Wants Me Back!

What do you do if your Ex wants to come back into your life?

Should you give the relationship another try? You spent a lot of time getting over them and now they are once again professing their love to you!

Do you trust them? Is it too late?

There is always a reason why a relationship ends and we have to be careful that we understand the reasons why it did end before we take a leap of faith to repeat the same scenario. There are lots of things to think about and questions to ask yourself.

Some people never change while other people do.

Your intuition is your best guide in times like this so don’t ignore any red flags that it gives you. If your gut says yes, give it a shot. Life and love are all about timing.  Sometimes a relationship can be better the second time around because you have both had a chance to grow and mature.

Watch this video above to see what else Dear Sybersue has to say on how to handle this situation.

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