Reality Check~ Employment Changes for Baby Boomers & New Graduates!

I am having a very hard time understanding why numerous businesses today are downsizing their employee roster by removing their most experienced & qualified people. Many of these employees made the company what it is today & are the bread & butter foundation of that establishment!

How are they thanked? By basically exterminating their position, demoting them to a lower salary or blindsiding them with a pink slip with no discussion or forewarning! What is happening to us as people these days? Have we forgotten how to treat each other & to show respect when someone has helped make our business a success? Has it become all about the money & saving a few bucks?

Is it worth it in the long run to lose the loyalty that these valued employees offer?

Most of these people who are targeted, are the baby boomers or the 50 plus crowd. Regardless of your age right now you might want to pay attention to what is happening here. In the future there will be no such thing as a “career” because companies will get rid of anyone who is at their top earning potential ~ usually around the 5 to 7 year mark. Benefits will be a thing of the past & in many cases already are. Part time positions are replacing full time jobs which do not include any type of amenity. The worst part is retirement age is moving towards 70 but there are limited jobs available for that age group! Even our Prime Minister is trying to change the Old Age Security payout to age 67!

The baby boomers are the ones with the money for the most part so why are businesses not understanding who they are selling to? Why are the producers of commercials the only ones getting this??

What happened to the most qualified person getting the job? Everyone deserves a chance to be hired & age should have nothing to do with it. I know numerous young people with business degrees that cannot get a job because companies do not want to pay out big salaries anymore. (but many require a degree to get in the front door??) Everyone wants everything for nothing! Just check out Craigslist once in awhile & you will see what I mean.

We all know someone who this has affected and it is devastating watching so many people go through the job market (or lack of it) today. The companies that will continue to be successful are the ones who understand this changing scenario. Every age group offers exciting ideas to a business & the company that “gets that” will be the one that withstands longevity in the competitive business market of the future. Cheers to the companies who are on the right path!

Susan McCord


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