Real Anti-Aging Advice From An Older Woman for Younger Women

Today’s topic is Real Anti-Aging Advice From An Older Woman for Younger Women.

Most people care about how they look today but are we going too far with how much money we are spending on our appearance? Is vanity taking over our wallets?

Social media does play a big roll in this and is a catalyst in the growing insecurities men and women are feeling. There is so much envy and competition to look flawless because there are so many new procedures available to help us achieve that!

In my youth there wasn’t much to work with that wasn’t a natural remedy. I think Retina-A was the biggest anti-aging breakthrough that hit the market in my late 20’s, but that was about it. Hell, we didn’t even have public use of the world wide web until 1991!

Don’t get me wrong I am happy to have all these new anti-wrinkle choices at my fingertips, but I still prefer to use as many natural beauty treatments as possible, rather than paying out so much money for temporary solutions that you have to repeat every 4-9 months!

In the video above I will show you a few inexpensive tips that will save you money and help you look great naturally. Do this daily ritual to make your skin glow in a healthy way that will keep you looking fresh for every birthday to come.

As a mature woman, I am aware of body changes on a daily basis. Very aware!

Everything is different now from when I was younger and wrinkle-free. There are ways to combat these struggles but it isn’t always easy to stay in your happy place when it comes to dealing with these physical adjustments. There are mirrors everywhere…

Thank God these changes don’t all happen at once!

This is why it is important to keep evolving and be your best self at every age. Attitude is the key to living a great life. Don’t ever let age define you by thinking you are too young to do something amazing, or that you’re too old to try something new or creative.

This is one of the reasons I have friends of all ages! It doesn’t allow me to get stuck in a stereotypical box due to what some people think they are supposed to be doing after 50 or expected to do because they are a certain age!

  1. Why should I cut my hair short and let any natural gray come in if I don’t want to? Who made up that rule?
  2. I like my choice of style to be fun, classy and trendy over frumpy, baggy and blase.
  3. My husband and I like to sit at the bar in a busy environment and chat to people way more than sitting in the corner in a dark booth and finishing our dinner by 6 pm!
  4. I mingle and socialize any chance I get because people continue to educate me every day! Everyone has a story that often teaches me new things that I can add to my own life.
  5. Fitness is a huge part of my daily life and I still weight train regularly to keep my body parts lifted. Yoga and spinning are also a great way to stay youthful. Sweating dramatically reduces the toxins in your body! It is also a natural exfoliator.
  6. I am also very big on intermittent fasting and practice the 16:8 rule most days. (fast for 16 hours and eat healthy within the other 8 hours.) I try to stay away from anything white and high carb but I am not giving up my wine. 😉 I take MCT oil and apple cider vinegar every night and sometimes before my first meal at noon. (It really helps with belly fat!)
  7. People over 50 can teach you a lot, listen to their wisdom because they have been there and done that. It can save you from having to learn difficult lessons over and over again. Learn from their mistakes.
My husband & I vacationing in Los Angeles at The Grove Oct 2019

It is really imperative to keep expanding your mind regularly and fighting gravity to your best ability. When you look good you feel good; that cliche is very real!

Exfoliate your skin, use facial/body cupping and acupuncture, dry brush your skin regularly, moisturize your body & face with coconut oil, use infrared saunas, apply natural face masks and do whatever you want to do to make yourself feel good!

Laugh as often as possible. Watch a funny youtube/facebook video every morning to start your day off with positive vibrations. Read something inspirational and set an intention for what you would like to happen each day. Hug your partner or spend time cuddling an animal. Love is important and touch is healing.

Me with my granddog Murphy <3

Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to eat up half of your monthly paycheck. You will look much more attractive using these natural methods for many years to come rather than using repetitive plastic surgery techniques that often change your look to an extreme.

Do you have any tips of your own natural anti-aging tips to share? Please watch the video above and leave your comments below! I love to hear from you!

Sybersue xo <3

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