Poem: An Unloved Child

Poem: An Unloved Child

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I have had many men and women write my advice column regarding painful memories from their loveless childhood that still haunts them into their adult life. This can make having a relationship problematic due to ongoing insecurities or not understanding what love truly is.

People don’t want to come across as a victim so they retreat within themselves which becomes a lonely place to live. They hide their feelings so they don’t appear weak or vulnerable. They don’t want to be that person who others want to avoid so they retreat further inward with a broken heart.

It is important to talk about it and not ignore the sadness you feel. Talk to someone professionally so you don’t sabotage love from finding you. You are worthy and very deserving of having a loving partnership. 

An Unloved Child           

An unloved child tries to find their way,

Alone and broken but not allowed to say,

Due to life rules, it’s always our choice,

Just get over the demons and quiet your voice!


You put on a smile and keep living your life,

But memories keep cutting your heart like a knife,

The simplest things bring back the pain,

Relentlessly nagging, on each birthday again.


The siblings retreat in their own tortoise shell,

Each hiding their secrets and childhood Hell,

Emotionally wounded, detached and removed,

Pretending to be happy but nothings’ improved.


The world makes us lie and not tell the truth,

“Get over it, shut up, your being uncouth,”

It’s your fault, your path; no one wants to hear,

Go learn to love the person in the mirror!


How can a parent not show their child love?

Leaving them alone to think nothing else of,

Sadness, anger and often depressed,

Will there ever be internal rest?


Children need guidance, not left alone,

To raise themselves and learn love on their own,

Yes, we’re in charge of ourselves in the end,

But owning “their” part might help lost souls to mend.


It’s never too late to recharge your mind,

knowing life lessons aren’t always kind,

there’s a reason you’re here to share with us all,

to educate, protect & help others to stand tall.

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show


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