Our “Glass Half Full” Golf Experience with an “Exceptional” Pair of Guys!


As a regular blogger & advice columnist I am usually pretty optimistic and open minded when it comes to life in general ~ I am a “glass half full” kind of girl for the most part. I do believe that many people you come across in life are there for a reason to teach you simple or valuable lessons…or is it for you to teach them?  The Jury is out on that one but regardless it is an interesting theory just the same.  

I have always used this approach with men that I have dated in the past, which has helped me move on faster after a breakup. I analyzed what I was supposed to learn from these scenarios to help me with my future choices. I tried not to let my ego take over every time I got dumped and to thank them instead for helping me get closer to finding the real love of my life!  OK that’s one way of looking at it but don’t think I was immune to seeing some  karma come their way ~maybe “just a little.” 

Saying all this is leading somewhere I promise… Here goes.

Yesterday my girlfriend & I reserved a Tee Time for two people at a popular 18 hole golf course in the city.  The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect and we were excited to get out there & enjoy the beautiful day.  We prefer to golf alone and not be paired up whenever possible because so many people are quite particular about the sport, so it seems.  (We are intermediate golfers and very quick to pick up our ball if we lag behind our foursome in any game we play.)  When we arrived at the course we discovered we had been paired up with two guys who were about 40 years old and introduced ourselves in our pleasant happy go lucky usual manner.  They said they were quite happy NOT to be playing with “two big old fat guys” so we felt relieved they were pleased they got us!

This is where “Looking at the Glass Half Full” comes in…

Our two amazing golf partners decided to be gentlemen & tee off first, not even discussing it or letting us try to get out of it at all. They continued to practice this throughout our shared time together.  They had such total faith in our ability that they walked on without a backward glance to take their next shot before we even set up to take our turn.  This made Monica (my partner) & I very happy that they trusted us like this!  Who would turn their back on a woman with a driver & loaded golf ball?  That made our day, this respect they showed us.

Dave & Neil were obviously very busy guys with how many business issues they continually dealt with on their phones. Neil was very fast at texting and could do it one handed while wheeling his golf cart to every new hole.  I was really impressed, especially when one of the texts seemed to make his golf game a little more aggressive.  That was pretty cool!  Dave also was also pretty good with guiding his cart one handed, due to his continual love for cigarettes.  Monica & I felt fine about it though as they were an organic brand.  Occasionally there was a little trail of organic remnants for us to follow so we could see where their shots went ~ so that was good.

Neil was a pretty good golfer and only took a few mulligans during the game but Dave decided to make up for that and take 3 Tee shots per hole. We could see him improving as the day went on with all the extra golf practice he had.  We discussed that we might try that next game too!  It seemed like a great idea so we didn’t mind the guys behind us telling us to hurry up because “What the Hell,” Dave was having fun! That’s all that really mattered in the end.

As the day progressed, we were able keep up with our golf buddies thanks to our quick thinking and booking a golf cart last minute!  Just to make our game even more exciting Neil got another text & started hitting further!  Whoever contacted him seemed to bring out his best Tiger Woods ~ he even swore a little and threw his club about 20 feet.  (It reminded us of The Masters one year.)  Dave seemed to get a little exasperated after losing his 10th ball in the bushes & tried his best to keep up behind Neil pulling his cart one handed with even more vigor and left an even bigger trail of cigarette butts. We have never seen someone handle an iphone, a cart and a smoke that well before, Dave kicked ass!

At the 14th hole Neil Tees off before we have finished putting the 13th hole.  Dave is racing to catch up with Neil and is no longer taking 3 mulligans per hole as his ball collection is getting low.  (Maybe I should have put the word “golf” in front of ball??? Naaaaaah it works!)  Monica & I are a little in shock though, as these actions are less of the gentlemanly approach that they have so graciously shown us all day.  But bless their hearts, they redeemed themselves by yelling over at us on the putting green that they have to keep moving as they have to be somewhere in an hour. I thought that was pretty special but Monica said it reminded her of a guy dumping a girl with a text message.  Hmmmm she does have a point.  Guess they forgot they told us earlier they had no plans for the evening.  Poor guys were obviously so exhausted from pulling their golf carts so fast, looking for their balls in the bushes, taking all those mulligans & didn’t remember.

So the girls were left to fend on their own for the next 5 holes without even a goodbye, what would they do without them? 

golf 2 girls & a guy

Where was that damn beer cart when you needed it?  Hell forget beer, where was the champagne? This was time to celebrate ~ we finally got to play as a twosome like we originally wanted.  As much as we missed our new best friends we have these amazing memories to always keep fresh in our minds. We both went home & had a “glass half full” of wine & were grateful for our very special day.

Cheers to two guys who taught us what NOT to do on the golf course. What life lesson did I learn from this encounter? I got to share this experience and hopefully help others see how important etiquette & behavior is to another human being.  I also got to blog about it and share my thoughts with all of you.  See… something for everyone.

Cheers & happy golfing xo

PS: I didn’t put their real names in this article as I knew they were too modest & bashful to receive this praise. We were hoping to thank them at the end of the game but they left without finishing.

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers

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