Not Your Average New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

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Ahhh resolution time is here again…damn that went by fast! Last year my biggest goal was to finish my book by July 2014. Much to my own surprise I was able to have it published by June 1st, in an ebook format.  I had many requests for a paperback version from those people who still love the feel of a book in their hands among other things! I finished the paperback version of Dear Sybersue by mid August.  The whole process was quite the learning experience! Holy crap! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks ?!

Still not feeling the passionate love for yoga but liking the results, I vowed to honor my second resolution to attend more classes in 2014. I did 110 classes total for the year! I’m starting to like it now…well sort of. 😉 No just kidding, I don’t like it but it’s good for me in a Kale or wheat grass smoothy kind of way.

Why do we have these silly resolutions at the beginning of every year and shouldn’t we always try to be a better person regardless of what day it is on the calendar? Some people are very motivated in life while others need a good “butt kick” to open themselves up to opportunities, new beginnings or removing negative patterns in their lives. Blah Blah Blah…in other words, time to shape up people!

Setting goals give us all a purpose and “betters” us with a new vision. It also makes us less boring to be around because we have something more interesting to talk about than Netflix. (Wow ! Breaking Bad was quite the show but I loved Suits and House of Cards too! Even Downton Abby & Selfridges caught my attention!)  It doesn’t have to be a huge accomplishment and even little changes can enhance an optimistic outlook that may have been stifled. (or you just felt like being lazy and just wished everyone would just go sing Cumbiah around the fire and leave you in the comfort of your recliner!) Having a goal really does put a spring in your step though, and that can bounce you into some interesting situations ~Hello!

What are my Resolutions this Year?

• Cook at home more rather than go out to eat. Ya right lol! (Kitchen duties are not my thing but I make great reservations!)

• Clean the house more often…nah just kidding! (aren’t Cooking and Cleaning two cities in China anyway?)

• Post two videos a week (OK 1 for sure! Maybe 1 every 2 weeks…)

• Write a weekly blog on my Dear Sybersue Website and the New York Times. (OK I don’t write for the Times )

• Get paid for my blogs! (At least more than $1 per article! WTH is with writers and photographers expected to work for free? Piss off takers!)

• Be nicer to pigeons or buy a cat! (Never let a pigeon lay eggs on your balcony! They are called homing pigeons for a reason!)

• Remove the air horn from my car or put it in the trunk. (Used only for people who turn left at the last minute and pedestrians who ignore the “don’t walk” signs!)

• Try not to yell (as loudly) at people who leave their barking dogs tied up outside restaurants! Especially beside a patio seating area. Really people your dog is not that cute even in its pink frilly bonnet, baby buggy & designer shoes.
• I will throw away anything in my closet that resembles a cougar, leopard or camel (some of you may not get the last animal.)

• I will not drink before Yoga anymore…it makes me dizzy doing downward dog!

• I will drink less wine this year. (Not including red wine.)

• I am only going to hang out with fun people in 2015 ~Debbie and Danny Downers will have the wrath of my air horn!

• Tell my husband and son I love them less than 20 times a day. Keep them guessing…

• Actually ride one of my three bikes this year and not use them as a clothes line anymore.

• Get a boob job, thigh lift, butt implants, bunion removal, mustache & chin hair laser, tummy tuck and facelift. Any money I have left over I will buy shoes.

• Last but not least in any way…I want my own “paid” TV/Radio talk show!

I sincerely hope everyone has an amazing year ahead!  May the world slow down with the need for power and let egos diminish to lighten the heavy load of war. “Good will Toward Man and Peace on Earth” is the best resolution we could all make together this year forward.<3

Happy New Year Everyone!

PS: I promise not to make another Drunk Yoga New Years Video this year or anything that resembles a cooking show! No wonder Gordon Ramsay is such a grumpy prick, it’s a lot of prep to get it right in the kitchen! Namaste!

Susan McCord

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