My Interview with Rebecca Rosenblat Sex@11 With RogersTV Toronto



Rebecca’s Question:

1. We want to get sexy back – so can you please comment on how courtship fits into getting started with that?

Susan’s Answer:

We are stuck in the “guinea pig” stage of learning how to appreciate the “new” gender attitude… We are hiding behind technology with our computers & smart phones because we are all too busy & have forgotten how to talk to each other face to face.

Both sexes have taken on a somewhat defensive attitude when it comes to meeting a potential date. It is a protective coating that prevents us from getting hurt. (This is especially true with the over 30 demographic.)

We have to bring courtship back to have human contact so that the pheromones have a chance to circulate & allow a connection to transpire naturally.

2. Rebecca’s Question:

Another important factor is building a positive vibe, which often gets destroyed by misunderstandings – many of which are caused by gender differences. So can you please comment on some of the key differences that are likely to do that?

Susan’s Answer:

You are absolutely correct that this is a problem. Both sexes need to embrace the gender differences & appreciate them. We are all so confused as to what roles we should play these days.

• Women want men to be masculine but we can do everything ourselves now. Hey, even I have my own power drill

• Men want to bring home the buffalo so to speak, but they feel emasculated with how strong we have become in the work place & in a sexual environment as well. Women are more assertive now which is a good thing, but we still have to let our men feel masculine so they can respect THEMSELVES & who we are as well. Ask them for help once in awhile, praise them for something they did around the house etc. It’s not a pacifier it is a respect to the Testosterone they were given.

• Men need to appreciate women individually & quit lumping them all into naggy or materialist categories. Respect our Estrogen & new sexual aggression. Enjoy it rather than labeling them.

• In other words we need to let men be men & women be women. We have to stop trying to change each other into a clone of ourselves. It’s hard enough living with “us” on a daily basis why would we want to have two of us in one house?


3. Rebecca’s Question:

To me, it’s those differences which help us work as a team – we wouldn’t hire people with identical skill sets, would we? So what’s your best piece of advice for people to appreciate those differences, instead of judging them and talking themselves out of possible relationships?

Susan’s Answer:

Quit sabotaging each person who comes into your life. Judging each other so harshly without getting to know someone is our own insecurities for the most part. It is all based around FEAR, especially if you have been hurt many times in the past. We all deserve love in our lives at every age!

Gone are the days of marrying your high school sweetheart till death do you part. Aproned June Cleaver Housewives are not the norm anymore & today if both people are working, they each have to contribute to the household/family. Relationships are much more about 50/50 & we have to stop fighting this.

Divorce is on the rise so there are many varied age groups single today. Dating scenarios affect both sexes from age 15 to 90! My grandmother had 3 husbands & a boyfriend when she died at 95. Our attitudes are much younger today, look at Betty White! This is why we have to learn how to be nice to each other & communicate. We are around a lot longer now to bug your ass.

4. Rebecca’s Question:

Of course this is just one of the many topics you tackle via your Podcasts. So can you please tell us the URLs for your YouTube channel and your web site, so people can learn lots more from you? ~ My video channel ~ Dear Sybersue Advice Column ~ Over 100 Dating/Relationship Podcasts

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