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We’re not in June Cleaver’s World Anymore

I was ahead of my time back in 2004 when I started my live stream podcast show “Leave It Two Beavers.”  I have 4 seasons uploaded, check them out!) Now look at the broadcasting market & what is available!  There are so many options to listen to archived or “live” audio shows in all formats!  One of the reasons I started this show was due to the continual changes men & women were going through in the dating/relationship market. This was mainly due to women becoming more career driven, more opinionated & being OK on their own. This caused a rift with men & women communicating due to the gender egos clashing with these new scenarios.

Here are the TOP TEN reasons why we’ve left June Cleaver’s world behind:

10- No need to worry about what to wear while online dating.
9 — Mommy brings home the buffalo, daddy does the dishes.
8 — Gravity sucks! Fight back with plastic surgery.
7 — Martinis are prepared at 9:00 a.m., ready for 3:00 p.m. HAPPY HOUR.
6 — The kitchen is not just for cooking anymore.
5 — Aren’t Cooking & Sewing two cities in China?
4 — Your partner may be your same sex!
3 — Divorce proceedings replace PTA meetings.

2–Vibrators are a household staple.

We’re not afraid to say what we think, DAMMIT !

That was a tough decade but we are now starting to understand & appreciate the gender differences.

Sigh…If I had only known what a gold mine I was sitting on back then. What fun we had in the studio every Thursday putting together our 1 hour show. This is truly where my passion lies and there was never a shortage of  great topics to discuss in the Dating & Relationship world.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Hosting my Video Talk Show:  with my wonderful guest Co-hosts but what I really want is a Canadian Based Television Talk Show that allows  innovative, uncensored (PG +), open minded & real life content.  Even Ellen & Oprah have discussed sex & forbidden topics on their shows…times have changed! We need to address that & get the conversations going.  The topics between men & women are endless & we need to keep communicating.  I’m ready to make this happen ~ Let’s do it!

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