Maximize Your Chances of Success in the World of Online Dating!

Online dating has been around for years now, however it’s still something that’s completely new to many of us.

If you’ve recently come out of a long term relationship, chances are online dating simply didn’t exist when you were last single. Online dating is a fantastic way to meet people- you get to chat and find out if you’re suited before going on a date- minimizing your chances of having a bad date. You also have the opportunity to find out about lots of different potential partners and choose someone that’s right for you. Here’s how you can maximize your chances of success!


Find the right dating app

First things first, you want to find the right dating app or website that’s right for you. Decide if you’re willing to pay, or if you’d like to use a free service since this will narrow down your choice. There are plenty of generic sites that anyone over eighteen can join, but if you’re after something more specific then it could be worth delving a little deeper.

If you only want to date someone of the same religion, something like Muslim Dating or a Christian dating app could be the way to go based on your beliefs. Maybe you’re dating later in life, and would like someone a similar age or older- if so a site specializing in over forties or over fifties would suit you to a tee.

Perhaps you work in a professional career and want someone who’s on a similar level- if so, a site specializing in professional dating could save you from having to search through lots of unsuitable profiles.

Get your profile right

You want your profile to be pleasing but accurate. Choose a photo where you look nice, but where you still look like your current self. It’s tempting to use older photos where you look younger and slimmer but remember, your date is going to see you in person anyway so your online pictures need to be up to date. Give some details about yourself and what you’re looking for without giving too much away; that way you still have something to talk about when potential partners message you.

Work out your deal breakers

Once you’ve found a site you like (and have created a profile you’re happy with) your next step is to start searching. It is important to know from the start what your deal breakers are in a relationship, as these things can help to narrow down your search.

  • Will you only date non- smokers?
  • Do you want a partner that doesn’t live too far away?
  • Would you rule out dating someone that had children?

Most sites and apps have filters that allow you to exclude the traits you don’t want in a partner, making it much easier to find your perfect match.

You don’t want to be too picky as you could exclude many genuinely nice people, but if certain traits would pose a problem for you in a relationship, then it’s best to exclude those people.

We all live and learn in relationships, perhaps things haven’t worked out in the past or have bothered you with ex partners – you don’t want to end up in a similar situation again. 

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