Love Guidance for Men & Women: Why do Relationships Have to Change so Much After the First Few Years?

It’s not always easy to keep a long term love alive but sometimes we need a little guidance to help us out of damaging patterns that keep us from making our relationship the top priority.  We absolutely can keep our partners continually happy over the years and it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Sometimes we don’t even realize we are slowly taking our relationship for granted  and we get far too comfortable thinking they are here to stay with us no matter what! This is a huge mistake and terrible place to put yourself because like anything in life it takes work to maintain our goals and passions.  Don’t let your love die!  It needs to be nurtured and altered in a way that keeps your partner attracted to you. This is a two way street with both people doing their part.

Don’t spend your days wishing things were different, make them different!

A few small gestures everyday keep the relationship respect intact. What do you have to bitch about if they are always making an effort to show you they care and you are important to them!? My husband leaves me a note everyday before work that I wake up to each morning. I make him lunch everyday with a few surprises here and there, wink, wink! I get foot massages and he gets me as a hockey fan at every game he plays. (OK, so I had to go through a first marriage to get it right in the second marriage. No one’s perfect!)

Don’t be another statistic in the divorce arena, make the effort now in this partnership. There is no room for laziness or being complacent. Do you want to go back out into the single’s market and then do it all over again? Get it right the first time and save yourself a Hell of a lot of heartache, drama and financial draining. You fell in love for a reason so hold on to that and keep those fires burning. I promise you it is possible to rekindle the spark between you if you both make each other a priority all the time.

A little communication goes a long way. <3

Written by Susan McCord                 Dear Sybersue Facebook Page 



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