Lifestyle Advice – Ban the Four Letter Word “Ugly”!

Everyone is beautiful

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This article may become a bit of a rant but I just can’t ignore talking about this anymore. What gives anyone the right to call someone “Ugly?” This four letter word is the worst one of the bunch and should be considered the curse word of all time!

People who use this word regularly in their comments to describe someone on social media should be banned from those sites!

No one is ugly and everyone has a God given beauty at birth. While I am not a religious person, I do believe that our existence here on earth comes from a higher source and is given to us for a reason. It is what we do with this precious gift during our lifetime that shows the true definition of our beauty. That goes for every single person born in this world. It is not about external beauty and never has been!

There is only one place where the word “Ugly” has even the slightest validity and that is when we talk about War and Egotistical Power.

Why are some people so mean to each other while others are kind-hearted and peaceful?

It is all about choice and it is up to us how we acknowledge and accept life’s hand-outs and how we move forward. When some people are hurting they lash out at others. They don’t want to be alone in their misery but unfortunately this repetitive anger just brings “more of the same” rebounding back towards them rather than learning the lesson they were supposed to.

There are some people who write to my advice column who have relationship problems, that are practicing this type of behavior. They don’t see it (or pretend not to) and really don’t want to hear me point out the obvious problems. Eventually though, they do start to understand their part in it and try to rectify the underlying issues.

Other people in life just want to vent and play the victim but are not willing to do anything to change this negative lifestyle. The people who want to figure it out, and change up their dating and relationship patterns; are the ones who go on to find a healthy love in their lives.

Using words like ugly to discuss another human being just makes the person using the word stand out and disqualifies anything else they may have to say. But saying that, it doesn’t mean the recipient doesn’t feel the sting of the comment. It is a word that is said on the playground in our childhood years that stays ingrained in our memory forever. It is the word that plays on our self esteem like a nagging ache and it is a word that hits below the belt like no other.

I truly believe everyone is beautiful and I always have. My son was taught at a very early age there was no place for the word “ugly” in our home. People with disabilities or disfigurements are just as beautiful as someone who is able bodied and considered attractive. Every one of us has something to offer to the world and to other people who cross our path. Don’t be judgmental of someone because they have more or less than you, or because you think it is funny to belittle someone who “you think” is unappealing. To the people out there calling someone ugly, do you know what the biggest issue is that really needs addressing? Go point your finger at a mirror and see what the reflection shows…that is the problem.

Ugly is not a good word and needs to be banned.

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