Just a Quick Rant On Criagslist Posts!

I have held off for a long time writing this article because I thought I was the only one it bothered, but lately there has been a number of people angry about this and are posting retaliating comments to certain Craigslist Postings! It’s about time is all I can say.

I am a regular user of Craigslist for Job Search & networking opportunities. I have placed my own ads and have answered many other people’s Ads. I always answer respectfully and give them the information they are looking for and I always offer reasonable compensation!

Here is what I have noticed with many CL Postings:

• Many Ads have a huge 2 page checklist of what the perfect candidate should qualify for & all for $8 per hour!
• Their spell check obviously doesn’t work but you had better have a College Degree for the minimum wage offered.
• Parents who want a “live in” Nanny to look after their precious child while charging rent for their accommodation, all this for $8 per hour *must supply their own car
• Written articles wanted: 1000 word minimum Compensation: $2 each/ must write minimum 3 per day!
• Internships for numerous businesses (Which means temporary free work with no job at the end) (Internship used to mean a guaranteed job at the end of the term)
• Numerous websites looking for Bloggers ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Ads that want a person 5 days per week noon-2PM for 2 hours per day for $10 an hour (now that’s worth the travel time and in the middle of the day too!)
• Ads wanting people to look after their pets in “your” home for $35 a week
• Researchers Wanted ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Background Actors For Music Videos/YouTube 2-3 day shoot ~ Compensation: No Pay
• Talent Agency Internship 6 months/ No Pay & No job at the end (But you had better make them look good so they can make the big bucks)

I could go on & on but I just wanted to vent about what I see on a daily basis. I am happy that Canadian Premier Clark made a change to minimum wage recently or these types of Ads will continue to be posted.

If you have a child, business, home, pet or website that needs assistance, respect their value to you and don’t cheap out on the hired help.

You really do get what you pay for and is it worth it in the end to have to re-post these Ads every 2 weeks because no one stays in the job?? We live in one of the most expensive places in the world & we are taxed to death in Vancouver. Expecting someone to help you succeed in your business should be valued a lot higher than no compensation or $8 an hour!

Good karma brings good karma, remember that.

Susan McCord

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