Inexpensive Beauty & Anti Aging Tips From An Older Woman!

We all have our favorite things in life and some of them can be way outside our budget limit! It is not cheap to maintain our everyday lifestyle even a basic low maintenance mode.  There are so many products that we require to look and feel good these days especially if you want to keep up with fashion styles and anti-aging regimens.

In this video I will show you inexpensive products that make your beauty routine easier and I will also talk about some simple items that you may not have been aware of that are pretty nice to have around the house.

As a single mom on a very tight budget for many years, I had to shop at consignment stores and find any bargain I could so that I could afford to pay rent, eat healthy & keep my forever hungry athletic son on his sports team.

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I learned a lot trying to make ends meet and it was a great life lesson that makes me appreciate every little thing that I am blessed to have today!

I hope you enjoy this list of Sybersue’s Favorite Things and I would love to hear some of yours!

Please share your Favorite things in the comments below!

Susan McCord @ The Dear Sybersue Talk Show


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