“It is What it Is” – Law of Allowing By Christy Whitman

It is What it Is!!

The one thing I love most about Social Media is all the great people I meet and also learn from! I found this video from a person who Retweeted one of my YouTube videos.   When I went to thank them for supporting me @  https://twitter.com/Xhe_Is_Xanadu I saw they had also Retweeted some of  Christy Whitman’s  videos.  This is how amazing technology can be in today’s world.

Many people are afraid of  social media power ~ but the tools at our fingertips (literally) are incredible! 

In Christy’s video she states that if we embrace “The Law Of Allowing.” our lives will less constricting.  When certain people or circumstances aggravate us, instead of trying to change the scenario we need to accept it for what it is. It doesn’t mean we have to hang around in a negative environment but we need to be less negative ourselves!  We’ve all been there;  judging others or ourselves, wanting our partners or family to be someone they are not and thinking we should be more successful or should be in a better relationship. Christy states that whenever we use the word “Should” we are not allowing our energy to be what we truly want it to be. “We are wanting something to be different than what it is!”

You don’t have to approve of someone’s opinion or actions but accepting that it is “their reality” without having to constantly prove them wrong is the better way to handle it. Ever noticed how some people always have to be right? Everyone has a view & opinion about certain things but it doesn’t have to be a debate all the time to see who comes out on top.

Family functions are notorious for this and are the cause for much of the dysfunction that occurs. If you are finding that every time you are in an environment that seems to have continual drama you need to reassess why you are putting yourself there or what is attracting you there. You are in control of “you” and how you react to life’s interactions ~ it’s never too late to learn this!

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers

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