How do I fit dating into my very busy life?

How Do I Fit Dating into My Very Busy Life?

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How Do I Fit Dating into My Very Busy Life?

The first thing you need to clarify is are you REALLY too busy, or is there something holding you back from getting out into the dating arena? Could it be that you are afraid to put your heart out there, or maybe you’re still dealing with a difficult breakup from your past? We all deserve to have love in our life, so it might be time for you to alter your mindset and allow it to come your way.

Sometimes we make ourselves busy, so we have an excuse not to date. We actually sabotage our own happiness without even realizing it.

Finding a healthy lifestyle balance can be difficult with your busy career, but if you eventually want to be in a committed partnership, then you will have to make time for love. Living a full Life is all about compromise, and prioritizing the importance of having harmonious symmetry as often as possible.

I have had clients who have put so much energy and focus into their jobs/careers, thinking they have all the time in the world to be in a relationship. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out the way that they wanted when they finally made some time to date many years down the road. They started feeling a lot of pressure to meet their special person, which became overwhelming.

Living this way puts you off kilter and feeling unbalanced without having love and a little socialized fun to look forward to. Diversifying your life is a much better approach to take because it prevents you from putting “all your eggs in one basket” with anything you do. Having a well-rounded life makes you much more interesting to be around.

OK, so how do I implement dating into my busy life then?

  1. Once you have decided that you really do want to date to meet a potential partner, that is the most important step.
  2. Take time every other week to go to meetup groups or pub gatherings in your neighborhood. There is always some event going on in your city, just Google it and plan for the occasional night out. It is such a great way to meet people and socialize without the pressure of dating them right away.
  3. Sign up for a dating site and devote about 30-45 minutes every other day to reading profiles and sending messages to people of interest who have a parallel viewpoint to yours. The nice thing is you can do this in the comfort of your home, and it is a great dating option for busy men and women. Choose people who have similar lifestyles to yourself. You want to meet someone who is also driven and goal-oriented. Make sure they have balance in their life and can make time to date. Not everyone wants to see someone 24/7 and there are other busy people out there who think the way you do as well.
  4. If you have the occasional friend who wants to set you up, take the time to meet them. It is a much nicer way to connect with someone because your friend knows you and the person they want you to meet. This can work out quite well in many cases.
  5. Go for coffee dates initially until you find a good connection with someone. Dating doesn’t have to consist of a lengthy meetup and in fact, it is far less stressful when it is short and sweet for the first time. This is a great way to date for everyone, but especially for busy men and women.
  6. Give dating a chance. Don’t go in with a time frame in mind. Love isn’t set to a clock and happens when it should. As long as you’re open and don’t have an unobtainable long checklist, you might even start to enjoy yourself. If you find yourself making excuses about how difficult dating is or that there is no one that you’re compatible with, take some time away. If you have a negative attitude about dating, it will not work out for you at that time. You will need to refocus on what it is you’re looking for, and NOT what isn’t working for you.
  7. Attitude is everything when you are dating. Be grateful to everyone who comes your way and be thankful you had the chance to meet them even if they are not your person. This will bring you closer to understanding what it is that you are looking for in a partnership.

It is important to know when you really just don’t have room in your life to date at this particular time.

There are certain times when you really just have to prioritize other things in your life for a while. Getting your degree, finishing up a big project, a travel commitment, or coming out of a very painful breakup or divorce are good examples of this. Expecting people to be OK with your limited time allotment is not going to be acceptable with most men and women.

You have to respect the fact that their time is just as important as your time is. If they are committing themselves to date you as a potential partner down the road, then you should be in a reciprocated mindset. Giving them only a minimal piece of you is not fair to them at all. You are better to be honest with yourself that this just isn’t the time to bring someone into your world when you have no space for them.

In closing, I just want to suggest that you be aware of how long you keep yourself out of the dating loop because the longer it is, the harder it is to get back into the dynamics of all that comes with dating. It may make you feel very anxious, and it can also take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem if things don’t happen fast enough to your liking. It is a process, and it is important to understand that love takes time and comes to you when you are open and ready to receive it into your life.

In today’s convoluted world, you not only have to be safer, patient, and smarter but also learn how to read people to find their authentic truth and genuine self. I know that it seems like one Hell of a lot of work to find your special person, but everything in life worth having takes effort and perseverance to make happen. Please don’t get discouraged because you appreciate everything so much more when you worked hard to make your desires come to fruition. It’s so worth the road traveled to get there. ❤️

Please watch the video above to see and hear more on this topic. I love to hear from you; how do you handle your busy life while also dating?

Sybersue xo

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