Homeless Man with a Different Sense of Humor


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Homeless Man Earning a Living in Las Vegas

“Save The Camel Toe” OK so some of you may not think this is funny but I have to tell you; like it or not the guy was making money with this sign!

I saw this man sitting on an overpass in Las Vegas smiling away with this homemade sign trying to earn a living. While I am sure many women did not find this amusing, I had to applaud his originality! His happy face was contagious which drew people towards his building coin collection. (It could be that they didn’t know what the sign meant and thought camels were in trouble?)

I find it quite enlightening that many people less fortunate than others seem to have the most positive outlook towards life. There is something to be said for that!

I never judge someone who I meet on the street with negativity. We all came from our mother’s womb but not everyone was spoon fed by a supportive team of family or friends.

Everyone has a story but not all of them have happy endings.

Be kind to everyone you meet and leave judgemental attitudes buried in the basement of life. There is no place for nastiness with all the real problems we face in today’s world.

This man is someone’s son and maybe someone’s brother or father. He has a history here on our beautiful earth and is not invisible. He also has a big smile & great sense of humor and could very well be on his way to becoming a millionaire!

Never take the good things in your life for granted-always count your blessings. <3

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