Hey Guys: What Real Women want in a Relationship

There is way too much talk about what isn’t working between men and women these days and it has to take a positive turn soon before people end up single forever. Most of us want the same things yet we repel them away due to self doubt, fear or past hurt.

Men and women are not all lumped into one category! If you keep meeting the same wrong types then change it up. Don’t repeat pattern after pattern of the same thing that isn’t working for you. Make it work!

Please watch the video above to hear more on the discussion.

Talk Show Host Susan McCord & her guest Co-host Andrea Wesley (writer from thebolde.com) talk about what women really want in a relationship and the type of partner that works for them.

Don’t settle for anything in a relationship and leave the games behind to find your authentic match!

Susan McCord @ http://www.sybersue.com
Andrea Wesley @ http://www.thebolde.com


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